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Hi, I'm Hedi,


passionate online innovation trainer, mompreneur, YouTuber, Germany's first generation Design Thinker, cozy tea-time addict, and loud singer while cooking.

In 2020, I decided that after a decade of helping innovate the corporate world,

it's time to serve YOU:

With The InnovationMom Academy, THE place for moms who want to unfold as beautifully as their babies.

And the Innovationgym, the pit stop for powerful innovation and agile tools, successful companies of our time run by.

Have a look and  I can't wait to start innovating together.


Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look

forward to.

Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz

(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

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