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Be the change you wish to see in this world. - Gandhi 

With The Pony Farm Society and The 21st Century Mastermind. 

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Every transformation and innovation journey is a change process. Snag the secrets of mastering change processes with ease and grace for free.


We all know change is the only constant in life, but do you make the most out of every unique process and opportunity?


In this free session, you'll learn about what change processes are made of and how to make them work for you.


Hi, I'm Hedi,

your transformation and innovation host.


Nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing people transform themselves into the powerful beings they are, totally invincible, empowered to create magical change in this world. 


After a decade of training CEOS to start-ups across all industries and the globe, innovate their businesses and life, becoming a mom, transforming myself into an empowered woman and creating my life on my own terms, my purpose became loud and very clear.


I am here to help change makers discover, transform and empower themselves, so they can show up and innovate this world. 

Is that you? Welcome to the club. I can not wait to get to meet you!


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Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look
forward to.
Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz
(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

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"Alone we can go fast. But only together can we go far." - African Proverb


We all know that we are shaped by the people around us.

The Pony Farm Society is a most innovative online community for 21st century change makers who want to consciously shape this planet.


It's the community that has your back, is committed to growth, collaboration and innovation.


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