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10 x YOURSELF. Without the hassle,  overwhelm and workaholic lifestyle

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Create a brand new chapter based on fulfillment, self-determination

and ease. It's time to shine!




Hedi Schaefer is an awarded Work Life Innovation expert since 2010. Her work is known from:

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My Mission


Awaken to your full potential and create the life and business you came here to lead. 

About Me

Hi I’m Hedi, Work-Life Innovation expert since 2010, author and speaker, and I'm here to support you on this journey. 
Wherever you are (online) with state of the art identity work and future skills.

Why do I know what I'm talking about?

I've been a high performer until 2018, when I became a mom, and everything changed. I worked for artists in my early twenties until my health broke down. In my thirties I jet-setted across the globe as an innovation consultant and trainer for corporate teams to design new business ideas and -models and healthy identities. I wasn't walking the talk myself, though. Always living from the outside in. Never feeling enough. Addicted to work, a classic burn-out candidate. My identity crisis in 2018 and forced break was a blessing. I learned to turn my wounds into wisdom and my shadows into light. I redesigned my brain from surviving to thriving. And I created programs I wish I had back then. Today I'm not a hamster-wheeler anymore. I live a life without stress and pressure but powered by fulfillment, self-determination, purpose and ease.

I'm more human BEING than human DOING. And with that I inspire the masses.

And I'm here to support your success journey now. I'm here so you can light up and lead! 

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10 x YOURSELF. Light up and lead

without the hassle, overwhelm and workaholic lifestyle

Hedi Schaefer offers a holistic life coaching, business coaching and transformation coaching approach. Called: Work-Life Innovation!

You experience this unique approach by following the three steps of the ©Innovation Canon.


These offers take you by the hand and into your light.



What path is truly yours?

Gain clarity on your purpose, values and visions to gain focus and energy.

For a new life of flow, fulfillment and ease.




Who are you without your limitations and blocks? Reprogram your subconscious mind and energetic body to become limitless.

For a new life without fears, past traumas, limiting patterns and beliefs.



What if you could create a work-lifestyle that elevates your personality and fullfilly you daily? What, if your business challenges were the catapult to growth and success?

Bring it to life by applying our step-by-step innovation road maps and future skills.

What other innovators say:

Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look
forward to.
Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz
(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

Hedi's content is powerful. I'm now where I never thought I could be.

Antonia Roggendorf
(Founder of The Midwife Talk)

Working with Hedi is like magic. She hits the tone, she hits the timing and she helped me to overcome my dark days with her sparkling attitude... just by being herself. Thank you Hedi for just being yourself!

Caroline Schroth
(Board Member Rothlaender & Co GmbH

Thanks to Hedi's program, I am no longer stuck in a victim attitude but live in complete power.

Instead of not accepting parts of myself, I know: I am perfect the way I am. Instead of being constantly stressed and under pressure to perform, I know: I don't have to. I can. My relationships are now connected instead of superficial chit-chat - even without words. And thanks to the clarity of my purpose, values ​​, and vision, I know exactly where I want to go.

Larissa Pauli
(Project Manager)

This experience was beyond anything I've ever done. I gained clarity for all the topics I was occupied with and got confident about myself and all that I want to achieve.

Hedi's Mastermind helped me realize and really act on this realization that I can create and have the life that I want.


Dimitroula Thanas

The package was perfect for me: Honest, empathetic support and lots of great inputs and exercises took me by the hand week after week and guided me through the mud. Now I'm standing in front of a freshly sown lawn, have made decisions and found relaxation. Goodbye to roller coaster rides and hamster wheels. I have learned to live myself and no longer let myself live. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead of me: my SELF.


Nadin Schmolke 

(Project Manager)

I got so much positive energy for my new mother role

and found out who I want to be as a mother and person.

Pauline Schaefer

(Founder of

Hedi has a strong and radiant personality. She’s funny, clever, compassionate, determined and reliable; nothing escapes her. Working with her, I learned a lot about myself and my ingrained self-assumptions, and about the phrases of transformation. 

Eva Köppen

(Deutsche Bahn)

Attending Hedi's sessions has been a life changing experience. I firmly believe that these sessions are powerful tools for overcoming personal obstacles and realizing your full potential. Highly recommended to anyone looking for change and growth.

Sebastian Berg

(Innovation Consultant)

Hedi Schaefer's coaching module helped me to reach my full power as a mother and performing artist. The process was always strongly focused on my "light" and "flow", so that at the end I had a bouquet of "How to live and work" in front of me. And these flowers keep growing and blooming again and again.

Maria R.

(Performing Artist)

Your life does not get better by chance.

It gets better by change. - Jim Rohn

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