Hi, I'm Hedi,


passionate innovation trainer, creative online entrepreneur, and your partner for creating YOUR VERSION of a JOY-FULL and MEANINGFUL time on earth.

Born and raised as a city girl with unshakable curiosity and drawn to the unknown, I experimented forward throughout my whole life.

I'm driven by positive change and unleashing inner Rock'n'Roll stars across the globe. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier. Except maybe singing musical tunes while cooking Jamie Oliver recipes, watching my daughter turning into a fabulous human being, inspecting peoples' shopping carts at the cashier, and a decent tea time (out). 


Now I live in the peaceful countryside with my family and dedicated to toning your innovation muscles. With online courses and my YouTube channel and, of course, personal trainings.

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"I believe in being an innovator." Walt Disney

© Kay Herschelmann

In my first life, I was a deep diver into all kinds of art forms: Assisting artists like all-rounder Christoph Schlingensief, mega productions at the Salzburg Festival, or the Cape Town Opera House and campaigns of Germany’s most successful Popstar Herbert Grönemeyer. 


I learned agility from the best of the best. Trusting the process, the team, yourself (well, you had to, with sleeping less than 4 hours on a regular basis) and turning the most amazing, creative products into reality. 


Then a classical music nerd with the hopes and dreams for innovative formats with organizing an award-winning piano festival Piano City Berlin 2010 in over 100 living rooms in Berlin in less than 48 hours. Oh yes, and taking a 14 month reflection time out while tasting campus live in Seoul, South Korea, interviewing " living national treasures" (which is really a thing in South Korea) and finishing my studies of musicology and media.

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." 

Michael Jordan


“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun, you find the fun, and *snap* the job’s a game.”
Mary Poppins

Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf

© Kay Herschelmann

All the while failing with my first company RITA (Resonance In The Arts) and with convincing my professors to let me graduate with a Ph.D. based on design and not quantitative research methods.

Then, fate kicked in and I became part of the first Design Thinking generation in Germany.

Now, 10 years later, I can proudly say, that I have helped hundreds of incredible human beings to make innovation projects, aka, the impossible, possible. In all different industries. From SAP, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, Danfoss and Volkswagen, to the magazine DIE ZEIT and the Icelandic Opera House.

Training students’ and executives’ innovation muscles as a lecturer at HPI's School of Design Thinking and Academy, and institutions like the Zurich University of the Arts, the University of Anhalt Dessau, and the Shiftschool Nuremberg. Partnering with the most amazing people to implement Schools of Design Thinking in Malaysia, China, and South Africa.


And co-designing programs like the Professional Track at HPI and being the co-author of the HAUFE Design Thinking Pocket Guide (2017, Germany)

And now? 

My last shift happened when I became a mom. Redesigning my life once more, deciding it's time to live the new work attitude out loud, open my drawers and SHARE all I’ve learned. Tools, and methods I have created and mixing the trainings, I gratefully obtained throughout the years: Design Thinking and Yoga, Systemic consultant for organizations and Resilience, Energy Healing, and Strategy for your best results.

I know change isn't easy. I know it's so worth it. Again, welcome and thanks for your trust. I can't wait to start with you on your journey. Let's begin :)



I strongly believe that fun and creativity lead to more efficient learning results and will help you to discover new meaning in what you do.