Become our "Ambassavist"

The InnnovationMom Academy is more than an online course hub. It's a movement.

It's created so moms can step up, show up, live empowered and fulfilled.

Now, I've realized that that is easier said than done.

Because more often than not, it's a money question.

Money equals independence and freedom.

Money gives you the freedom to do with your time what you want to do with it.

- Richard Branson

That's why the "Ambassavist Program" is created.


How does this work?

As a trusted part of our network, you can become an InnovationMom Ambassavist.


Which means an activist for the cause of empowering moms.

And an ambassador for our programs.


By recommending us to your peers, using our affiliate program, in our language "Ambassavist Program" links, you earn real money.

We'll do 50 / 50.

Earn money while you sleep.

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Simply drop us a line about why you want to become part of it, and we'll set you up.

There is no catch. All you need to do is set up your profile and have a network that would truly benefit from the InnovationMom courses.

We believe that alone we can go fast. But together we can go far.

- African Proverb

So, let's get started.