InnovationMom Challenge

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

The InnovationMom principle Collaboration (more check here) is more than a principle on paper.

It's what we live every single day.


Here are humans and companies we truly and wholeheartedly love, who bring value to our mission and YOU if you like.

InnovationMom Challenge

This is Imke. We met during my Yoga teacher training in 2013. She was my favorite teacher. I remember falling instantly in love with her warm, cheerful, real attitude. And her breathing hack, when the phone rings (ask her for it ;))

The Coaches


Hi, I am Imke,

Mom of a five-year-old girl and coach since 2008.

My focus? Personal development and empowerment!


I love supporting the InnovationMoms because you have my highest respect: for being moms, for being innovative - where sometimes all we want is to bury our head in the sands - and for embarking on this courageous journey—leading to unknown territory.


I work with body-mind methods like Focusing (Eugene Gendlin), Inner Team, and Acceptance and Commitment Tools to help you find your way out of the jungle onto the plateau so that you can create the life you want and be your own greatest ally.


Find more here on my site


This is Caro. She used to be my coachee back in the days when I did InnovationMom coachings from this desk. Caro is a surprise bag. Full of wonder and power. Nothing stops her. Look at what she does. All at once. I love her deeply; she's a rockstar. 


Hi, I am Caro.  


I love seeing people being in the flow, and I dedicate all my creativity to getting things on track. 


I am a systemic coach, CEO of my 150 years old family business, and mother of 3 sweet little monsters. 


I love the magic of doing business and the magic that culture unfolds. Both arts combined is my passion.


I accompany the InnovationMoms with all my multitasking business- and coaching skills and secure a safe space to unfold YOU and lift YOU up with all my eyes open.