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Design Thinking Mastery Session

Learn about the 21st century super skill to make a massive difference in your life, business and this world 

Saturday 6th of Aug, 5pm - 6:30 pm via ZOOM (replay available)


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Imagine you're the innovation expert in the room, and everyone turns to you for guidance?

Imagine you could turn problems into solutions and any project ideas into success?

Imagine you could have a step-by-step approach helping you get all the answers to create a new creative project like an online course, a training, a book, a product or service that actually sells?

Imagine gaining skills that are considered 21st century skills for a big fat reason. Because they give you the methods to steer big change- and challenging waves, and not drown in them. 

Imagine you can learn this approach step by step?

I tell you: Yes, you can.

This workshop gives you the overview about the super skill Design Thinking and how you can apply it to boost or restart your life and business.

What Design Thinking Mastery does for you 

This session is for people who are interested in learning a super skill and open to apply it to their future projects for success.


The payment process is via Digistore and will guarantee a 60 day pay back if you weren't happy.

In the Design Thinking Mastery Workshop you

✅ learn the step by step approach of Design Thinking 

✅ what you can use it for and why you should have that in your pocket more then anything else in these unstable times

✅ and the secret sauce nobody talks about but that is key to pulling ANY INNOVATION of: The power of your brain and of stepping into an innovator's identity


Hedi helps you to become an innovator yourself.


Malin Schulz Editor in Chief DIE ZEIT

Hedi's content is powerful.I'm now where I never thought I could be.

Antonia Roggendorf
(Founder of The Midwife Talk)

Working with Hedi is like magic. 

Caroline Schroth
Board Member Rothlaender & Co GmbH

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My mission is to enable 1 Mio innovators for this new and thriving earth. So I'll open up to you what is usually disclosed for companies and leaders: The innovation skill no. 1 Design Thinking.

I've been part of the first Design Thinking generation in Germany (starting in 2009), co-written the Book Design Thinking (HAUFE, 2018), designed hundreds of trainings for companies and developed Design Thinking schools across the globe. Design Thinking is the fastest way to innovate and the most complex to learn if not all the pitfalls are addressed. 

I'm here to share ALL OF it, so you can go out there and create a new and better world. Are you up for it? Then come to this magical one-time workshop.