Innovation Strategy

The online-training to create a work-life integration that is 100% based on your purpose, values and visions. So you stop the hassle, overwhelm and demotivation.

And step into ease, joy and a clear direction.

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Success is 20% skill and 80% strategy - Jim Rohn

This training guides you through a step-by-step strategy into your life's and (potential) business PURPOSE, VALUES, and VISIONS. Clients call it the "ultimate treasure hunt" as it's going deep into what's been buried under your societal program of functioning.

It's a highly condensed mastery for maximum clarity 
✅ for your personal and business purpose - the why, 
✅ values - the how, 
✅ and visions - the where to. 


You'll create your map, making you surf through this century with authenticity and power.

And the clarity and certainty needed to survive and thrive in our ever-changing modern world. 


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What's the innovation strategy secrets and their benefits:




Your purpose

is your reason for being and the reason for your business' existence.

Hedi's 360° purposing formula, based on passion, skillset, value creation, founding (in business context) and overcoming hurdles (in personal context) is the base for waking up every morning with a smile on your face. Ready to take on the world. 


Having a clear purpose:

✅ keeps you anchored when the outside is in chaos or changing.

✅ gives you the power for an agile life and business creation. Moving while others get stuck.

✅ amps up your daily motivation.


Your values

Humans make 20.000 decisions a day. Good, bad or muddled? Up to your clarity.


Your values are your quality standards, for your relationships, family, business, and any creation you'll do to make your world meaningful and thriving.



Having clarity about your true values

✅ will turn your decision making process into ease and grace.

✅ help you create a life and business at large in flow and no longer energy draining.

✅ give you the direction and ease for any conscious decision making process in the future.


Your visions

Give you direction and focus!
Most people know they want something to change, but they get forever stuck because they don't know what they want to change into? Visions are the perfect picture of your personality, your private life, and the creations you want to give to this world.



Clearly defined visions

✅ have massive pull effects towards effortless manifestation.

✅ provide you with focus and create speed

✅ create a life & business you adore. 

The greater clarity you have about your mission—the reason why you are on this earth—the easier it will be for you to hit your bull's-eye in life. - Brian Tracy

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Why I teach the Innovation Strategy?


Hey and welcome again! I'm Hedi and I've have helped countless people across the globe and industries since 2010 to stop the hassle and create a meaningful life on the base of purpose, visions and values.


But it wasn't until I crashed with my own search for meaning and fulfillment when becoming a mom, that I understood the profound value of these teachings. 


Today, I life my dream life with a dream business every single minute and I know you can do, too.


How is this different from other teachings?

Most trainings focus on a plan.

But, as Mike Tyson once said: "you have a plan until you get punched in the face".


Plans are often destined to fail as they are great in theory but often too static for our ever-changing world. Plus, plans can give you a sense of false security when the only security you truly have in this complex and chaotic VUCA reality is your inner knowing and bringing to the world who you TRULY are.


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Why people love the innovation strategy?

From a performance POV knowing your innovation strategy will boost ✅ your motivation ✅ productivity ✅ resilience, ✅ and focus. ++ see Steven Kotler research

But it's more that that. With gaining clarity of what it is you strive for ✅ you have a basis for decision making and ✅ your next steps in eye sight. All important aspects leading to ✅ more security ✅ more fulfillment ✅ and empowerment to create.


As a business owner / lead you will be able ✅ to create easier onboarding, hiring and team building processes ✅ and you become more magnetic because of your transparent strategy as people can identify with your mission.


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Known from:


What's inside?

The 2 month exclusive training is packed with




to create your purpose, values and visions with fun & high energy

4 x 90 min



for direct check-up & support

4 x 60 min

***all sessions are powered by zoom and recorded (access in your mastermind group)  



BONUS: exclusive Mastermind Group within Hedi's Change Maker Academy,

and Miro board access for visual creation

I'm IN.

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What other clients say:

Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look
forward to.
Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz
(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

Thanks to Hedi's program, I am no longer stuck in a victim attitude but live in complete power.

Instead of not accepting parts of myself, I know: I am perfect the way I am. Instead of being constantly stressed and under pressure to perform, I know: I don't have to. I can. My relationships are now connected instead of superficial chit-chat - even without words. And thanks to the clarity of my purpose, values ​​, and vision, I know exactly where I want to go.

Larissa Pauli
(Project Manager)

Working with Hedi is like magic. She hits the tone, she hits the timing and she helped me to overcome my dark days with her sparkling attitude... just by being herself. Thank you Hedi for just being yourself!

Caroline Schroth
Board Member Rothlaender & Co GmbH

This experience was beyond anything I've ever done. I gained clarity for all the topics I was occupied with and got confident about myself and all that I want to achieve.

Hedi's Mastermind helped me realize and really act on this realization that I can create and have the life that I want.


Dimitroula Thanas

I got so much positive energy for my new mother role

and found out who I want to be as a mother and person.

Pauline Schaefer

The package was perfect for me: Honest, empathetic support and lots of great inputs and exercises took me by the hand week after week and guided me through the mud. Now I'm standing in front of a freshly sown lawn, have made decisions and found relaxation. Goodbye to roller coaster rides and hamster wheels. I have learned to live myself and no longer let myself live. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead of me: my SELF.


Nadin Schmolke 

(Project Manager)

Hedi's content is powerful.I'm now where I never thought I could be.

Antonia Roggendorf
(Founder of The Midwife Talk)