Welcome to the InnovationMom Academy



to Unfold!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the joy motherhood brings, and all the question marks rushing through your head:

What now? What about my partnership? Where does all the time go?

And my favorite: Who am I??


(I don't know how many times this rushed through my head)


Do you sometimes feel


in your very personal change process?


In between the old and the new.


And then again with that question: What is that new exactly?

Do you sometimes feel like a gas station? Everyone happily using to get their energy. But wonder quietly to yourself: how long is the refill guaranteed?

Do you feel that being a mom is strangely underrated?


Your worth is not seen or valued fully, and your self-esteem is lower


than after graduation when you didn't have a clue what to study or where to go in life?

Do you feel like you now, more

than ever, want to bring your time, attention, power to something meaningful?


Something that gives you energy?


Cause time is precious.


And do you feel because of all of that

"you can't", "you shouldn't",

"you don't have time".


Let alone: Where to start?


Let me tell you:



2,5 half years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and EVERYTHING CHANGED.


Until the day she was born, I denied that this radical (!) change could ever happen to me. I gave my friends my word that it won't. And here I was struggling with my identity, my partnership, my energy, my past, my future. Simply: Everything!

One day though, it hit me:


"You're an INNOVATION consultant, you help people through change processes," a voice screemed. "And now look at you! You suck so badly. You have all the tools! Use them!"


So, I listened. And started to go to work. 

Not just adapting my own methods. But learning from the best of the best in the area of mind and body connection, motivation, and success: Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and Brendon Burchard, just to name a few of the amazing teachers out there.


And I figured out that to create and innovate, you first need to be in a STATE to be able to!

You need a STRATEGY to know where to! 

And only then the step by step to make it all happen!


It's been a messy process, painful and draining (that's what these processes are). But the end was so bright and fulfilling. I can safely say: I have it all. So I shared some experiences, tips, and tricks with friends and families. But they didn't want some. They wanted all of it. And that's where we are now.


We've been testing the first Module of the InnovationMom Academy very successfully and are testing Module 2 right now.


This Academy is the most personal and most rewarding I have ever designed. And I have developed countless.


Now, I would be more than happy to welcome you to this community and the Academy. The first course, the Powerhouse Activation Formula, will officially be launched in October.

What is the InnovationMom Academy?


It's 2 courses and a membership. 


It's designed to take you through a holistic journey. Each week you will get your new weekly quest and work on completing it at your own pace. Every 3-4 weeks, there is an integration week to catch up if needed and integrate the learnings.


The community is a closed group to support your journey with inspirations and to find like-minded people.


Q&A Sessions to connect and answer most urgent questions are offered regularly.


Who is the InnovationMom Academy for?


This is for you if you want to


-      learn and grow. If you see opportunity in crisis and want to take this chance by its tail.

-      become a creator and innovator. But don't know what's holding you back, and where to get that power from (Module 1)

-      figure out what your true power really is (Module 2)

-      and bring your power onto the streets. Do it. (Module 3) 


It's for those who ask for help. Also, outside this community, if needed. As this is not a therapy or coaching session.

And it's for those who believe the glass is always half full. Or at least, they want to believe it again.

It's for passionate and driven InnovationMoms who are here to shape the world, lift each other, and succeed as a tribe.


The InnovationMom Academy is Finalist of this years' Falling Walls "Breakthrough of the Year 2020"

Click to watch here:

The Powerhouse Activation Formula


You have chosen a course that is dedicated to helping you get through this change process. 

That can feel really messy and overwhelming at times. 

And to help you use it to your advantage! 


It is eight modules over a period of 10 weeks, which means every three weeks, 

you'll have one week to breathe and catch up and integrate your learnings deeper.


You'll go deep clean up, unwind knots, leave things – believes, people, tasks behind, that are holding you back and draining your energy. 

And fill you up, put you in a more positive and powerful state, and create new nourishing and empowering habits. 


So that you can take confident, joyous responsibility for your life and create the life you want to live with your family.



At the end of the day, I want to help you to take full advantage of the time you have on earth and to use all chances life offers you. 

Every change process is a gift. 


The Rock – Star Strategy


Gain clarity on your purpose and values (the rock) and where you want to strive towards (the star).


In our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, we must have both: roots and direction.


So you can focus (no more draining energy by going all over the place and figuring things out) and achieve. And you can adapt if necessary and thrive.

At the end of this course, you have clarity about your strength and power, your rock, and star ahead. You are ready to roll.

Launch early 2021


The InnovationMom Membership


Creation and innovation are about starting and doing the work. And it's about continuously moving forward and towards your goals.


This membership helps you to stay on track, motivated, and confident through your journey.

You get continuous inputs, tools, and inspirations to strengthen your innovation muscles and make your life a masterpiece.


Launch early 2021