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Welcome to your

InnovationMom Academy.

Your place to unfold, regain your superpowers

and turn your life into heaven on earth.

Why we do what we do?

This academy is a heart project.

Becoming a mum was my most challenging phase in life. I went through a deep identity crisis and change process, feeling lost and alone. And often ashamed I felt that way.

Not knowing where to turn to, I started my self-development journey. After months of deep healing, reflecting on my life and career while experimenting and creating the life I truly wanted to live, I started to share my tools with other moms (friends and coachees) casually. I realized the immense need and impact of what I was sharing.

And fast forward many interviews and tests this academy was born.:)

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FREE: The ultimate ME-TIME!

A 5-day mini challenge for

moms who want to turn their

life into a masterpiece.

Make 2021 your best year ever.

We're a safe hub.

An online academy for you to develop your life and business on your terms and speed. Supporting your self-development process. Check out all offers down below. More coming soon.

A community along the way with weekly newsletters to keep your mind, body and soul nurtured and inspired. And a curated exchange with others who go through the same challenging journey.


What don't we offer?

A blueprint, as this is purely individual. You are a unique being, and your version of heaven on earth will look just as unique.

Parenting tip and tricks. This academy is specifically for you! And only you.

What we offer?

The Power House Activation Formula

The toolbox for super power moms in times of change.


(Re)gain your mental superpower in 8 modules and create superpower habits.


Become your best self and design the life you dream about.

Coming in February 2021

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How we roll. The InnovationMom Playbook

The InnovationMom Academy is not just an academy. It's a movement. We're here to bring feminine power to the world. Power that is wasted every single day. And we want to add a different flavor to the business world.

After all, we're a feminine leadership business, promoting and supporting and, yes, living feminine leadership principles.

Wanna "meet" them?

Ok. Please say "hi" to:

Collaboration and Interdependency


We believe this wholeheartedly: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

Our approach is: We're in this together. No matter what. 

That's why we created the Ambassavist Program for people who want to join the movement and create business together. And we promote our Family with people and organizations we trust and work with.

Holistic and Systemic

We believe that the way we do business is only sustainable if more holistic. Making business is not a one-way street. Such as "I'm on earth and use all the resources to grow and expand my wallet." It's rather a question of: "How can we give and take mindfully?"

This is definitely a work in progress; we don't have all answers yet. We're here to figure them out. Our current way of giving back is paying rent to mother earth. Just like living in a house, we pay rent to live on this planet. 1% of every transaction goes into our trusted organization WWF. And another 1% builds up to become a think and action tank for the hard problems we so wish to see solved.

Real and Vulnerable

We believe that trying to be perfect is the cause of stress and dysfunction. We favor vulnerability and authenticity over trying to be something or do something we're not. All we teach here, we tried ourselves and saw massive results.


Our services are done with care and love, and imperfect English at times. We're here to grow and get better every single day by doing and learning and not waiting to be perfect.

Also, we're not here to point fingers, complain about the status quo. But we're here to roll up our sleeves and create the earth we want to live in. That is not a straightforward process. We experiment our way forward. And we'll take you on that journey if you like.

Creative and Fun

Our core value, after all. We're here to find creative solutions to problems. And we are more productive and motivated when being silly, having fun.

Intuitive and Integrative

Call it "New Work", call it "Feminine Leadership". To us, the old way of working 9 to 5 and striving for work-life balance is over. We are intuitive beings, and our approach is work-life integration. We love our work, and we love our kids and family. We're here to have it all and organize it so we can work powerfully and not be stressed and exhausted.

Ever. ;) Are you with me?

The InnovationMom Academy was Finalist of the Falling Walls

"Breakthrough of the Year 2020"

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