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The Inner Power Masterclass

Every day, we're confronted with new and urgent news. News, which potentially but often radically change our daily lives. It's almost as if someone else is dictating how we live and breathe, our happiness and sanity not in their very best interest.


Only a couple of years back, I would have thought: "Go with the flow, Hedi. You can't do anything. It's not in your power anyways."


But over the years, where I went through the biggest identity crisis and change process of my life (by the way, after I had my first baby, can you relate?), I learned, and later remembered from my role as an innovation consultant for hundreds of organizations across the globe:


YOU! CAN! do something about it.

Absolutely, yes, you do. 


But only if, and only if!! you get access to your power from within. And use it to your advantage.


Sounds whoo whoo?


Well, here is the thing... Science backs it up...

It's just not what our current education system teaches us.


Which is...

99% is mental.

Success and happiness is an inner work.

Our brains are not wired nor conditioned to be fulfilled and empowered. It's the opposite.

And it is the job of each and everyone to rewire the mind and step into their unique power state.


"You can not control your outer world, but you can control your inner world." 


Every high-performing athlete and top CEO knows and acts on this principle, and you can too.

How? I'll show you.

Fire small.png

In this masterclass, you'll break that cycle.

You will learn:


The keys for stepping out of the overwhelm and into power state.

How to train your mind in simple steps.

How to create habits that support your everyday life in times of chaos to stay focused, centered, and in control.

Fire small.png
Fire small.png

Successful people are simply those with successful habits. – Brian Tracy

If that's a YES join this masterclass right here, right now.

Stop missing out. And start opting-in to a life you deserve.

A powerful mindset is the key to move


from overwhelm to overjoy


from surviving to thriving


from "No, I can't  "to "yes, I can, no matter what ".


Because, and this is breaking news: You are not controlled by outside events.

You unknowingly give your power away and by doing so become a snowball of outside events. 

Now, who is this masterclass for?


It's for YOU


if you truly want to take your destiny into your own beautiful hands. No matter what.


if you are committed and determined to step out of the snowball game and start to create your thoughts and state of M.Powerment


if you are willing to practice habits that M.Power you. And say good-bye to the ones disempowering you.

Who is teaching this masterclass?







Hi, I'm Hedi,

creator, and your teacher of the PAF.


3 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and EVERYTHING CHANGED.


Until the day she was born, I denied that this radical (!) change could ever happen to me. I gave my friends my word that it won't. And here I was struggling with my identity, my partnership, my energy, my past, my future.


Simply: Everything!

One day though, it hit me:

"Hedi, you're an INNOVATION consultant; you help people through change processes," a voice screamed. "And now look at you! You suck so badly. You have all the tools! Use them!"










It's been a messy process, painful and draining (that's what these processes are). But the end was so bright and fulfilling.


I can safely say: I have it all. 

Every day I feel like I have lived fully and am grateful for all the new experiences. Now: I'm not special, nor on drugs. I'm just using techniques that help you to create positive changes.

99% of your life is mindset. The rest is how you use it.

More on my life journey you'll find here.

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