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With all my heart: Welcome to your Transformation Journey!
I'm sooooo excited for you. What a day.

Within the next minutes and hours you will get some information about what's next.
Make sure you read about the next 3 steps down below. 
Can't wait to see you soon. 
So much love and light, Hedi

Step No. 1


You will receive your confirmation mail from Digistore24 in the next few minutes. This is only for payment processing!

Step  No. 2

We will send you a welcome mail from hedi@hedischaefer.com with your next steps within the next 12 hours. This is non-automated and we put heart and love into it. So, please be patient. It will reach you within the next 12 hours. ❤️

Step No. 3


If you like, ping me on any of my social media channels. It's totally optional and just for fun to be connected.

Important: If you do not receive the Digistore24 email, please write an email to: hedi@hedischaefer.com after you have also checked the SPAM folder. ​ This VIP Coaching will be debited to your account via the name "DigiStore24".

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Let Your Transformation Journey BEGIN. 

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Ready? Ok, super.