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NEW: Inner Child Healing Meditation  
The turbo path to more self-love and -acceptance, shedding emotional ballast, trauma and starting over with YOUR POWER.
1:1 Coaching Session leading you through the stages 18 to 0 years. 
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1:1 Coaching for Self-development and -leadership in times of change

Are you yearning for Clarity about what's next?
Do you want to create a life, relationships and /or a business of Purpose, Passion and Power? Do you have Blocks that you want to get rid of?
Then let's go on that journey together.
For 3,6 or 12 months.
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©The Tranformation Code
Train the 9 Transformation Keys For Success and create a life and business you adore. This premium hybrid personal development and self finding experience is the bestseller and our unique signature program to step into purpose, power and passion. Once and for all.
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1:1 Mentoring for 21st century coaching & leadership skills

Do you want to become a Design Thinking, Workshop Design, Team Building, and /or Change Literacy PRO? Do you want to train your Transformation - and Innovation Mindset for success? Do you want to shine your light with authentic and purpose driven Marketing?
Contact me directly for our deep dive mentoring programs.

Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look
forward to.
Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz
(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

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