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The Pony Farm Society

The Place For 21st Century Change-Makers
ready to create the most meaningful chapter of their life


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Are you ready to transform New Earth in a meaningful and powerful way?

Are you ready for the most inspiring community and hands- on tools along your way?


Then welcome to the Pony Farm Society. 

What is The Pony Farm Society?

The Pony Farm Society is a global empowerment online community to help you connect, and collaborate, stay motivated and inspired along your unique journey, and with offers to help you master the art of change-making.

Side by side! And all for one.

The Pony Farm Society literally fell from the sky. It came as a strong message while Hedi (see below) was busy creating online courses for moms and when it made absolutely no sense to her. But luckily, it felt 10000% right, and she just had to make it real.

And what does "Pony Farm" mean?

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Well, there is a famous German saying that "life is NOT a pony farm," meaning you can not create life or new earth the way you want to.

We know this is an old and limiting belief coming from a time of lower consciousness. And NO more TRUE!

"Pony Farming," meaning envisioning great, even audacious things for mother Gaia and taking action, is more real than ever!

Now we know "farming" new earth requires all of us and all of you. Your passions, your infinite potential, your power. And here we want to hand you the gardening tools, provide you with water and sun, so you can simply go for it. No matter what.

Ok, but how do you support me? What's inside?

The Pony Farm Society is a state-of-the-art online platform where you have magical options each month to stay inspired, collaborate, and move ahead.

We offer you 4 live events and a variety of weekly interactions and inspirations.

Live Events

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The live events are once-a-week activities designed to help you make the changes you wish to make. They support you on knowledge and energetic levels. And are due to change based on the community's current needs and stage of the transformation.

You get access to:

The Change-Maker Academy:

Where you master personal transformation, innovation and change-making with hands-on tools and strategies. 

Such as purpose, value and vision creation, problem-solving, mindset mastery and resilience.


The Change-Maker Q&A:

Where you can ask Hedi ANYTHING and get answers to your current hurdles and challenges, motivation, and praise live.

And The Energy Elevation Sessions:

Where you meet as a collective, are guided through a meditation to connect to your inner power and to other lightworkers across the planet, elevate your energy, and help mother Gaia heal and thrive.


*** Aaand we have a magical bonus:

You can also participate in our Pony Farm Brainstorming Rounds, where you can donate your current challenge and ask your fellow Pony Farmers for ideas and feedback. This is where we make the African proverb "alone you can go fast, but together you can go FAR" come to life.

All Workshops and Activities are facilitated via Zoom and available for replay.

And there is more!

Weekly Activities


Weekly activities are impulses and opportunities designed to help you elevate your energy, collaborate, get inspired, and celebrate each week.

Our weekly activities currently are:


The LOVE LANE Monday,

where you get inspired to commit to finding time and space to loving yourself and others.



where you get innovation and mindfulness wisdom.



where it's time to show your ideas, projects and where you can ask the community for feedback or support. 


And the GRATEFUL Friday,

where you are invited to count your week's blessings together.

Sounds awesome, how can I join?

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To join the Pony Farm Society, you just need a desire for a happy and harmonious new earth and an undeniable calling to make it happen. Creating a thriving new earth is a choice and a process. And it all starts with you taking the very first step.

Are you with us? Whoop, whoop, click the button here

About The Host?


With all my heart: Hey wonderful change maker!

First of all. Thanks so much for being here and for all the incredible work you do for our planet. I'm so honored to be with you at this magical time of transformation!

I'm Hedi, the host of The Pony Farm Society, a changemaker and mentor, an inspirational speaker, and first-generation Design Thinker. I am an energy gigue, passionate mom and wife, tea drinker, and lover of life. 


As this Pony Farm Society was a calling from the universe, I'm dedicated to supporting you on your changemaker journey with all my heart and expertise.

I believe everything has lined up to this moment. I failed myself towards this time, making changes and learning for you. 

I was an assistant in the music and arts industry, helping artists bring their visions to life. I traveled the world and went deep into understanding different cultures and points of view. 

I flew across the globe as an innovation trainer, supporting CEOs, start-ups, teams, and individuals across all industries from finance to automotive, education to media in becoming fit for the 21st century. By creating innovations in products and services, collaborative work processes, and purpose-driven cultures. 


And I discovered energy healing across the way. 

​But it wasn't until I had my first baby, my massive identity crisis and spiritual awakening, that I understood this: 

Innovating with meaning and purpose means being a meaningful and purposeful person. I understood that we can not solve our problems from the same level of consciousness that created them (see Einsteins quote;)

And to innovate greatly, we need all of us. We need an enriching and inspiring pool of beautiful minds and the connection to go all in and beyond.

It's the way to move forward with power and into a thriving new earth.

Now, would you like to catapult yourself into empowered changemaking?


Then get in touch with me personally here.

This Pony Farm Society is very special and sacred, and live of its magical members.

So let's get in touch and personally chat about how it can support YOU on your journey.






Note: if none of the 1:1 slots work for you, drop me a line here and we will find another solution for you.

Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf
Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf

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