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The Pony Farm Society

Work-Life Innovation For 21st Century Women

Do you feel like 9 to 5 is so yesterday? Do you feel like living your true purpose, passion, and power would make you and this world a happier place? And do you want to step into your creator's shoes to make this all happen? 


Then welcome to the club. 


I believe that you and all of us are all here to experience greatness, bring your all to the table and live a happy life based on your unique gifts that radiate out into this world. We need you now more than ever!


How to get started?

The good thing is—you are living at the right time.

​Our world is changing. 

While on the outside, chaos, fear, and uncertainty might seem to be ruling. Inside, consciousness is rising. 


Now is THE BEST TIME EVER to "unbox yourself", gain clarity on what you want in life, and go for it.

Are you with me?


Of course, having these thoughts and desires can be overwhelming and scary sometimes. I've been there not too long ago. Saying goodbye to my well-established training business to go for my heart's desire to empower women with innovating their work and life felt crazy and dumb.


But it was the right, in fact, the only ! right thing to do. I am more fulfilled and at peace than ever before. Living my work-life integration on my terms and seeing my family and all around me benefit from this is pure bliss.


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Did you know that 80-90% of business ideas fail within the first year? Not because the idea isn't great. No, because we give up. 


And did you know that the number one regret of dying people is that they never took a chance at creating their life differently rather than following the herd and "norm"?


👉 Getting started and sticking with it is the most challenging part.

That's why The Pony Farm Society exists.


Did you know that the most successful people know they don't know it all? But when their next hurdle appears, they cultivate this habit of getting the knowledge they need?


And did you know that you become an average of the five people you surround yourself with most?  


👉  It all comes down to making a choice that life is about more than what you experience and taking massive action: Step by step. AND SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. Who get you and support you.

And again, that's why The Pony Farm exists.

And did you know that success is an inside job? Because "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are always right." (Tom Ford) And you need to work on your internal belief system to utilize the tools you collect. 

👉  Simultaneous personal and business development, work- and life innovation training, and inspiration to get your clarity and move forward, all on your own schedule and by putting your self-empowerment first, is the key to long-lasting success.

And that's again why The Pony Farm Society exists.

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The Pony Farm Society ... what's that?

The Pony Farm Society is the ultimate empowerment community for 21st century women who want to create their work-life innovation. Side by side.


There is a famous German saying that "life is NOT a pony farm",

meaning you can't live it all. 

We know this is an old and limiting belief. NO more TRUE! "Pony farming", meaning having the dream business and life, is a real thing.


And you can have it all! You must live it all.

What's in it?


Designed to help you stay motivated, support your growth process and self-care, inspire collaboration and exchange.


Like the WOW WEDNESDAY, where you can show yourself, and ideas, ask for feedback or support. Or the ME AND MY WEEK place for your weekly commitments and celebrations.

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Live Workshops

Every month you have access to our future activation sessions. Where you envision the desired version of yourself, the work and life you want to live, and the world you want to participate in.


Upcoming Topics: Work-Life Integration, Family Life, Relationships


Also, you get access to our monthly C&C (connect and celebrate) Session. This session is designed to become mindful of your monthly journey, reflect, celebrate and anchor your growth.


(at special member prices)


Many online courses today fail with long-term experiences and supporting the inner and professional empowerment journey simultaneously.


Let's shake this up and get ready for the new age!


Knowing that greatness is an inside job, and constant steady growth is the only road to success (did you know that 80-90% stop their dream within the first year?), at the PFS you can pick a challenge for your personal and or business growth, work on it on your own pace. And then move on. 


You purchase whatever you need right this moment of your journey!


By that, you are smartly preparing for a new age. Where you move from the information into the implementation age. Choosing action over consuming. And self-empowerement and creation as the new norm.


Move from "No, I CAN'T" to YES, I CAN!" and set yourself up for your own version of success.

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The Success Mindset and Habits Challenge



Make your customers fall in love with and sell (almost) automatically.

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The Become Your Customers' Hero Challenge




All challenges' next intakes are on the first of each month.


(at special member prices)

As mental power is the make or break point to every success journey, we have one special retreat called the Powerhouse Activation Retreat. Based on the principle of self-care in action, this a 5 Modules deep-dive into how to master your inner world, empower yourself in any situation and set yourself up for success. It's a toolbelt for life, supported with weekly Q&A Podcasts and live energy sessions.

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The Powerhouse Activation Retreat


Next intake and how to access see here

To join the Pony Farm Society, you just need your dream and an undeniable desire to make it happen. Work-life-innovation is a process and a choice. And it all starts with the very first step.

Are you with us?

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Your benefits

A community of women like you, here to thrive and change the world for the better

Weekly Activities to stay on top of your game, inspired and collaborate

1x monthly live sessions on Work-Life Innovation to create your future

1x monthly live session on reflection, energy work, and self-celebration 

Access to all challenges and The Powerhouse Activation Retreat at special member prices

When are you turning your life into a master piece?

Your Host


Hi, I'm Hedi,

work-life innovation expert, founder of the Pony Farm Society, Podcast Host, inspirational speaker, co-creator of my family, and a lover of life.

But my life wasn't always this meaningful and empowered.


For over a decade, I've been traveling the globe as an innovation trainer, supporting CEOs, start-ups, teams, and individuals across all industries from finance to automotive, education to media with becoming fit for the 21st century. Creating innovations and a healthy company culture. 

But it wasn't until I had my first baby and my massive identity crisis that I understood: Life is about doing (only) the things you love with the people you love for the people you love whenever and wherever you love. Because when you're happy, can you make this world a happier place.


To reach this dream, I had to do my own inner work. 

I understood that 99% is mental and positive energy and the right people around you.

Because this was by far the hardest part of my journey: Finding my crowd and the knowledgeable support for innovating step by step, I created this community.​​

There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than supporting women on their empowerment journey. I know the time has never been better to create the work and life your desire and deserve.


What do you think?

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