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InnovationMom Challenge

The Pony Farm Society

Your 21st Century Personal and Business Empowerment Club to help you thrive! 

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Let me rephrase that...

Our world is changing. 

While we live in times of chaos and uncertainty, more and more of us realize they want to make money differently and create a work-life integration that supports their values and passions. Consciousness is rising. Simultaneously our possibilities as women to have it all are greater than ever before. But are we utilizing ALL OF IT?

Well, the problem often is...


Maybe you have thoughts like:

"But this idea would never work."

"Others are much better experts than myself."


Or the famous "If...-..then" sentences (my former specialty ;))

"IF kids are in school, back to school, or out of school, THEN..."

or IF... our plans get going, the house renovated, or mortgage paid of, THEN..."


All of them are postponing the life you deserve. Living your full potential. The full you.


Women are often trained to believe they have to be perfect, money is an ugly thing and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Thus, if they want to succeed, the male (old world) way is the only way ahead.


The ultimate keeping-you-small-recipe


Here we believe, that turning your dream business into success needs you. The whole you.

We know from years of experience that perfection leads to stagnation. Experimenting forward is the way to success. We believe money is energy and equals freedom.

We know that finding and using your voice is the greatest gift to this world. 

And that having a support system and asking for help is THE success principle number one. 

Also, we understand that the male way of doing competitive business is exhausted. Our planet is exhausted. And that it's time to create differently. In a feminine way that favors collaboration, values, compassion, and holistic thinking.

80-90% of business ideas don't survive the first year.


And the number of ideas which never had a chance is countless. 


And, did you know that the number one regret of dying people is that they have never lived their life fully?

That they never took a chance on their dream? 

It's all not based on the missing certificates, and crash courses.

It's about self-sabotage, procrastination, and distraction that make you stop. Or never ever start.


Offer Community.png

... without the overwhelm, and stress.

What would happen?


You'd know: "Yes, I can". 

Your limiting beliefs would not stop you, and you would have the success mindset and skills to move one step at a time towards your success.


You'd know: "I am not alone."

You have a whole community behind you, ready to support, share knowledge, and thrive together.


You'd become crisis-proof

Taking responsibility and action is important for moving ahead and getting results. Clarity and resilience are key for moving in your right direction and staying on track. Here you develop your roots and inner security so the wind (= metaphor for changes) can't blow you over. This groundwork is the most underestimated superpower.


You'd find what is true to you

We are all different and unique. We all have different brains and speed, skillsets, and passions. Yet, often the outside world tends to make us believe there is only one way forward. Well, there isn't. And here, we challenge and support you to find what makes sense to you.

If you want to make your dream come true in a 21st century female way, then I've got something for you... Introducing ...

Pony Farm Society.png

Pony, what?

Yep. There is a famous German saying that "life is NOT a pony farm",

meaning you can't have it all. 

We know this is an old and limiting belief. NO more TRUE! "Pony farming", meaning having the dream business and life, is a real thing.


And you can have it all!

What's happening in this digital community?


...and there is more...


... you will learn how to shine your light from the inside out.

In short: 

INNER Clarity and POWER first, create your own SOUL BRAND second and make it real with and for PEOPLE with your unique products third.


Now, is this for me?

If you feel like it's right for you, it's right for you.

When you know, you know.


This society is build on the principles that true strength and success comes from within. And that steady movement is the only way to long term success and to bringing your true voice into the world.


You should also know that we are living our optimism out loud and that we believe that we need to take full responsibility for our dreams.


We know that empathy, collaboration, creativity, and outside-the-box thinking... mixing all kinds of theories, influences, and strategies (from universal laws to business modeling) is catapulting us forward. 

We know that alone we can go fast. But together, we can go far (African Proverb)


And that now is the best time of your life.

How much is it?

Entry is FREE when purchasing a Challenge or Retreat.

Choose your plan here:

Who is your host?


Hi, I'm Hedi.

Transformation and innovation expert, founder of this Pony Farm Society, Podcast Host, inspirational speaker, a dedicated co-creator of my family, and a lover of life.

But my life wasn't always this meaningful and empowered.


For over a decade, I've been traveling the globe as an innovation trainer, lecturer, and coach. Supporting CEOs, start-ups, teams, and individuals across all industries from finance to automotive, education to media with becoming fit for the 21st century. Creating innovations and a healthy company culture. 

While it's been a wonderful, and in the best ways, challenging decade, I've also witnessed terrible nonsense and inhumane processes and environments. 

While on the outside, I was brought in to foster change, collaboration, empathy, and creativity. The money-making reality was brutal, oftentimes inhumane. And women especially held back on their true power, voices, and potential to move the needed changes forward.

I always knew: One day, I'd like to change that. 


Now first, I had to do my own inner work. Deal with my own strategy to keep small and in stuckness-mode and move out of the biggest identity crisis of my life after having my first baby.

I understood that 99% is mental.

And after a long process of self-development and self-realization, I just decided to go for it. 

Not knowing how. But knowing I could.

I became a mompreneur and created the life of my dreams. ​I started to teach and talk about techniques and mind shifts that made it possible. Saw the incredible need. And fast forward created this community.

There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than seeing women find their power and succeed. 

I know it's time to create the change we wish to see in this world. 

And that the time is now.

Are you with me?

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