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  • Hedi

AWESOME Team Building ACTIVITY for Clarifying STRENGTHS and Setting GOALS

Over the last decade, I've watched teams fail, survive, and truly thrive! Their thriving special sauce? They knew about, relyed on, and cherished each other's strengths. Also, they knew where they wanted to go to: They had a common travel goal.

This team-building exercise, called THE BOAT, is a playful way to do find out about your team members' strengths and helps you to set a common goal.

It boosts and keeps momentum.

It assists you in building deeper connections.

And whenever times get a little rough, it helps you to refocus.

Aaaannd to thrive in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Here is a quick fix overview about what's happening in todays innovation session:

0:00 Min: Intro

Hello, and welcome! Here we're getting you into the boat exercise mood.

1:24 Min: Start of the Reflection Phase

It's where you reflect on your strengths and your personal goal for the scope you choose.

After naming 5 strengths, and 2 goals boil it down to 2 strengths and 1 goal. Be precise.

2:30 Min Start of the Boarding Phase. Let's look at OUR STRENGTHS

It's all about boarding your team on one common picture. In our case: The boat.

Each team member states their strengths, and the team decides where to put him or her on the boat: The anchor, the net, the motor, the look-out, or the kitchen.

6:36 Min Still in the Boarding Phase but now looking at OUR COMMON GOAL

It's all about merging the goals we have individually into a joint team goal.

8:53 Min Tag your boat

And finally, the sweet finale is finding a name for your boat, meaning a name for your team.

Enjoy the ride and share this exercise with everyone who could benefit from it.

Have a thriving week,

XXX Hedi

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