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Make every process work FOR (and not against) you.

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Why I chose to create an online community (and not an online course)

I often get asked about the Pony Farm Society lately and why the heck I was building a women empowerment community instead of an online course.

"Isn't that so much more work?"

Well the truth is, it's the only thing that makes sense to me and here is why.

Number 1: Getting Started with Work-Life Innovation should be easy-peasy

💡 Did you know that 80-90% of business ideas fail within the first year? Not because the idea isn't great. No, because we give up.

💡 And did you know that the number one regret of dying people is that they never took a chance at creating their life differently rather than following the herd and "norm"?

👉 Getting started and sticking with it is the most challenging part.

🦄 That's why The Pony Farm Society exists.

Number 2: Success means going step-by-step and being surrounded by people who get you

💡 Did you know that the most successful people know they don't know it all? But when their next hurdle appears, they cultivate this habit of getting the knowledge they need?

💡 And did you know that you become an average of the five people you surround yourself with most?

👉 It all comes down to making a choice that life is about more than what you experience and taking massive action: Step by step. AND SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. Who get you and support you.

🦄 And again, that's why The Pony Farm exists.

Number 3: Business growth comes after personal growth

💡 And did you know that success is an inside job? Because "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are always right." (Tom Ford)

💡 And you need to work on your internal belief system to utilize the tools you collect.

👉 Simultaneous personal and business development, work- and life innovation training, and inspiration to get your clarity and move forward, all on your own schedule and by putting your self-empowerment first, is the key to long-lasting success.

🦄 And that's again why The Pony Farm Society exists.

So my top learnings are:

💥Whatever you do, don't do it, because everyone else is doing it. Do it, because it makes sense to you and your beautiful beating heart.💥

💥 Know why you do the things you do. What you do is not nearly as relevant and motivational.💥

And now over to you?

Are you one of those treasures who want to create their work-life innovation for real? Looking for the crowd and tools and cheers and push to make it happen?

We have a special price this weekend. Till Sunday we'll give you a 200€ discount. What you need? Just your full self.

Are you with us? Click here and join till Sunday 0:00 for the special discount.

We'd love to meet you and see you create.

Cheers, Hedi

Hedi is founder of the Pony Farm Society, innovation expert and trainer, Podcast Host, co-creator of her family, inspirational speaker and lover of life.

Her purpose is to empower 21st century women to live their magic out loud.

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