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  • Hedi

Design your motherhood with fun and ease

What if you were able to use your mommy-change process to your full advantage?

What if you could use this messy process to create the life you desire?


Becoming a mom is the beginning of a new chapter. But for most moms, it never feels like the opportunity to actively and consciously create the new. They feel stuck and overwhelmed. Even ashamed they feel that way.

I've been there, and it was numbing. All I did was look outside what my direct or indirect circle of family and friends were secretly expecting and openly communicating. I was desperate for guidance and for fitting it. To make everything right.

Along my journey of looking my identity crisis deeply into the eyes and transforming, I realized I have no business looking outside, but real growth and truly truly truly making my pony farm possible is all about looking INSIDE of me. Finding my truth and building on this foundation.

Living the way you feel is right is liberating and, above all: EMPOWERING!

And I want you to feel the same.

That's why I created this free InnovationMom Challenge for YOU.

Get it here for free.

Why do I think you should get into it?

Cause I believe you deserve it.

I believe your natural leadership and superpower qualities are outrageously overlooked in our societies.

And I know you can have it all. I know it's possible. This limiting belief (from my old mind) being a mum is a sacrifice, even a downgrade? I don't believe it is true. I believe it can be a big party if you are willing to take it into your own beautiful hands and start to create your life.

And how do I know that?

I've been where you are. Maybe;)

A new mom a couple of years back, full of doubt and sentences that started with "I can't" in my head. Full of self-sabotage and in a big fat change process.

Without realizing it was a change process.

Now the funny (not so funny) thing was: I was a change consultant and innovation trainer for almost a decade at this point and honestly never really felt what change truly means.

So here I was, denying the change and quite frankly not using it to my advantage.

Until one day, I didn't want to feel like this anymore. I opened my toolbox and came across powerful self-development tools that completely changed my life.

Because this realization process was so transformational, I shared it with friends, and they wanted it all.

So I founded the InnovationMom Academy to empower you to become the designer of your new life, your role(s), relationships, visions and habits. It's where you take your destiny into your own hands. Where you get empowered, all wrapped up in the online course The Powerhouse Activation Formula (starting Feb 22nd).

Till then, I would like to invite you to take the free 5-day InnovationMom Challenge. To start your empowerment journey today.

It's five days filled with concise (because I know, being a mom doesn't mean having lots of time) and exciting tools helping you to turn 2021 into your masterpiece.

If you have any questions, please contact me straight away.

Sending you love and appreciation and till soon,

XXX, Hedi

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