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Career opportunities for moms after giving birth! An Interview with psychologist Martina Lackner

Martina Lackner is a psychologist, psychological psychotherapist, author and co-author.

She is the owner of the PR agency ́cross m ́,

and co-editor of the book “Men on the side of successful women - Side by Side to the top”, which was published by Haufe-Verlag (ISBN: 978-3-648-12096-5). In 2020, she led the study, in which female high potentials were asked about their careers.

Find out more about the fascinating study at:

How would you describe career opportunities for mothers after their parental leave?

“You didn't lose your brain when you had children”

This quote by a participant in our psychological study on the career resistance of women. She responded to the question of how mothers feel after parental leave. What was meant by this sentence was that superiors think that mothers with children can no longer perform at their best and are no longer really useful at work.

For example, women are already undermined during pregnancy by inappropriate remarks such as "I thought you just dressed unfortunate".

The list of "strange" attitudes and behaviors of companies continues on their return: part-time mothers are not trusted. They are no longer an option for management tasks. And requests for further training are ignored and discussions about their personal development no longer take place.

Why is that? What is going on here, consciously or unconsciously?

Superiors have a high need for security.

The deviation of procedures and processes triggers a feeling of insecurity. Part-time mothers, possibly downtimes due to illness of the children, etc., are a disruptive variable in the context of the greatest possible protection. You never know what's going to happen.

In addition, some superiors want to exercise power through control.

To be present at all times is an important prerequisite for people in power. The presence of employees gives these superiors stability and security. This strategy no longer works for mothers because they are no longer fully available at all times. Children go first.

To what extent Corona and more work in the home office will be of advantage for mothers remains to be seen.

You are no longer exposed to the supervisor's need for control, but you have to accept the disadvantages.

Working at home is convenient because the washing machine can be turned on quickly and children can be looked after more easily. The demarcation is also more difficult. And the risk of the women themselves falling back into old role models is probably higher.

What now?

In general, what can we do? We as women and mothers? Us as a defining part of society? Where can we start, and what would be your dream?

Stop whining, don't feel like a victim, and take back control of your life.

Despite having fears and resistance from companies, society, or your own partner or family.

Women need to understand that they are more than just the support system for their husbands, children, parents, or the boss.

You are first there for yourself. Then for all others!

Anyone who walks through the world with such an attitude will have completely different experiences.

👍Those bosses and partners who want confident, competent women will be delighted.

👎 And those who feel threatened by confident women will also be the ones who miss out on the best potential or something in their private life.

🤟 Competent women are an enrichment in the partnership, not only in economic terms but also in the combination of intellect and emotion.

Now, if you were to start a business, what would you keep in mind? What principles would you follow? What would the result be?

One of the most critical principles for me would be not to pay according to time units and time clocks, but rather according to results with an (as far as the business model allows) completely flexible time management and local autarky.

When and where the work is done should be adapted to the personal preferences and conditions of the women. It's all about the result.

Creativity and innovation create freedom, not just conditions for the compatibility of work and family. That is what our economy needs most urgently: creative, innovative, courageous women who set trends and standards.

Women can do that; they have just been slowed down by the system and/or themselves.

What else would you like to pass on to the mothers in the 21st century?

💥 Women with and without children: do not deny yourself anymore!

💥 Do not slow yourself down and go your own way.

... Even if you are still told in this 21st century that your first destiny is to have children and "that's it". - M.L.

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