• Hedi

STOP. BREATH. REPEAT. Your self care break to boost your immune system, creativity and life!

Updated: Jul 20

Have you ever felt out of ideas? Out of power? Out of breath?

Well, anxiety, stress, and constantly breathing shallow, are massive blockers if you want to create and innovate, move forward.

Let alone live a happy and healthy life. 

Clinical psychologist Belisa Vranich says:

"We try all these different things for stress, but if you're not breathing in a way that tells your nervous system that it's time to relax, you won't get there." (Source)

So today: It's time to STOP and BREATHE. 

Click here for your 10 min self care break!

Your body and mind will high five you for it. 👋👋

Please enjoy your break.

And keep up the awesome work!

With love and joy,

XXX Hedi

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