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  • Hedi

What is INNOVATION? And why is it all about PEOPLE?

Let's talk INNOVATION!

It's one of the biggest buzzwords floating around this very moment. Yet INVALUABLE for your business survival.

But: What is innovation exactly? And why is it all about people??

Let's start at the beginning.

In terms of definition: Innovation is the action or process of innovating.

In other words, you create something new: A product, a service, a process, a strategy, even a company culture.

Most of us innovate incrementally. Meaning you make small changes, adaptations, you create a novelty based on an old version. Another word for it is "redesigning".

Or not as often, radical or disruptive innovations are created where entire industries are taken out of business. Like with the car: "Where are the horse carriages?" Or the iPod: "Hey, what about CDs?"

Innovation is the process of inventing, meaning finding an idea, a solution to people's needs and problems. And the process of bringing this idea to life.

This diagram is a clever way to illustrate the ingredients for innovation:

The human, the business, and the tech ingredient.

But, although they are all important, the human factor is undeniably the most invaluable resource!

To make this diagram fly and for more in-depth content, click on today's innovation training session and stretch your innovation muscles.

Power to you, dear creator, and with much appreciation,

yours Hedi