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  • Hedi

Why are you on planet earth?

I always had it backwards...

Collecting tons of certificates, from Coaching Techniques to Self Improvement, Health and whatnot.

Until one day.. none of it made sense anymore...

None of it was helping me to get out of my deep identity crisis. None!

Going on a self exploration journey, really truly figuring out what it is I stand for and want in life and where I am needed most...

that was 1000 times more effective than any more time spend on yet another certificate on the wall.

I’m stunned about the fact that none of the basics, the core, the essence gets thought in school, university...

But instead all the nonsense that make us believe we have our life all figured out. And we’re ready to „compete“. 🤓

Ask yourself ... truly and in all honesty: Are you happy where you’re at? Are you satisfied how you show up in this world?

Don’t beat yourself up if that’s not the case. It just means you’re honest ;)



Take your time to investigate...

💎 what Are my VALUES?

💎 what is my WORTH?

💎 and where is my SUPERPOWER most needed on this beautiful planet?

I’m 100: % certain that everyone has a unique purpose on this planet.

What is yours?

With all my ❤️❤️

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