InnovationMom Challenge

The Self-Empowerment Collection


The Self-Empowerment Collection is a set of 20 free screen backgrounds to bring you inspiration, motivation, and empowerment.

How it works?


Scroll through the collection and pick a mantra. 

Chose the one you feel most drawn to. 

Upload it onto your smartphone screen. 


Now. Whenever your eyes fall onto the screen, read it out loud or in your mind, breath deep, and smile.


Whenever your chosen screen background has done its job, meaning: You feel like it's sunken into your subconscious mind, you're like: "Yeah, this is how I roll now," and the message starts to feel dull and uninspiring, or the questions are answered...


repeat the process!


Why is this cool?

Our subconscious mind rules the way we think and act. It's 94%! Mostly programmed from our early childhood days when we acted like a sponge... sucking every message in. Helpful or not.


Now, what to do, when self-destructive thoughts govern your subconscious, your autopilot? 


Rewire it!


Give it nutrients that empower you. On a daily basis.




Use these screen backgrounds.

Actively feed your brain another sort of nutrient. Make the unfamiliar familiar.

By uploading your empowering matra, looking at the message repetitively, you will casually rewire your brain.


You don't have to force anything.


Empower yourself.