Done with the "what-if" self-talk while changing diapers? 


I get it. Your life happens right now. And you are needed in your best shape possible.


Don't wait for "when it's different or better." 

Get access to your special me-time-out, your InnovationMOM Challenge today.


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InnovationMom Challenge

The InnovationMom Challenge

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What's in the 5-day challenge?


Every day, a creative, bite-sized, and fun tool flies into your mailbox.


The magic tools supports you in

creating a vision for you as a person

letting go of things no longer serving you,

becoming aware of inspirations and opportunities

and practicing resilience, self-care, and -compassion.


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Your 5-day challenge contains quick audios you can listen to

while pushing the pram through the woods.   

And downloads that help you structure your thoughts and fill in whenever you have the time in between your daily madness.

On a personal note:

My story and why I do what I do


Hi, I'm Hedi.

3 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and EVERYTHING CHANGED.


Until the day she was born, I denied that this radical (!) change could ever happen to me. I gave my friends my word that it won't. And here I was struggling with my identity, my partnership, my energy, my past, my future.


Simply: Everything!

One day though, it hit me:


"Hedi, you're an INNOVATION consultant; you help people through change processes," a voice screamed. "And now look at you! You suck so badly. You have all the tools! Use them!"


So, I listened. And started to go to work. 


Not just adapting my own methods. But learning from the best of the best in the area of mind and body connection, motivation, and success.




It's been a messy process, painful and draining (that's what these processes are). But the end was so bright and fulfilling.


I can safely say: I have it all. 

Every day I feel like I have lived fully and am grateful for all the new experiences. Now: I'm not special, nor on drugs. I'm just using techniques that help you to create positive changes.

And I'd like to share them with you.


Lots of love, you rock.