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The Transformation Success Formula
to awaken to your true power and purpose and create the life you deserve.

Discover The EXACT Strategy Hedi & Her Clients Have Used To Make The Seamingly Impossible Possible.


What would living your authentic purpose

and power mean for you and the rest of your life?


From: Hedi

What would living your authentic purpose and power mean for you and the rest of your life?


For everyone, it's different.

For some, it means having a job that fulfills them.


For others, it's creating meaningful relationships that are uplifting and no more draining.

And for some, it's about having a work-life integration that favors family time and fulfillment beyond work.


Even though the dreams and goals are different, getting there successfully is the same.

It's about clarity of what you want and the mindset to go get it.


I'll teach you what it needs. 

Cause I've been there, and only the success formula I discovered along the way was getting me out of my mess and into bliss.


It's 9 magical keys anyone can learn!

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As human beings were not meant to just function. Or even suffer.

We're meant to live our purpose and power. And thrive!


Only that way can we make our time on earth meaningful and help the entire

world elevate.

YET...Before people die, the biggest regret is that they haven't fully lived.

Start today and make a move with this empowerment workshop.

Curious about the SUCCESS FORMULA?

It's a set of 3x3 magical keys and here are they:



The 3 Keys to Progress


Most people get stuck before they even start, drowning in overwhelm and focussing on this state instead of what makes them move ahead. These three keys are the beat of your progress.


1. Awareness & Choice: "Everything is a process, and you can decide daily to go forward. Or remain in stagnation."


2. Self-responsibility: "To take the next step, all you need is your power. Don't wait for a prince to save you. You are the magician."


3. Honesty: "We cannot transform what we cannot and do not want to see. Therefore, being honest with yourself is a prerequisite and an act of self-love."

3 Keys to Clarity


Most people know what they want to move away from, but not where they want to go: That's why you need clarity pulling you forward.


4. Purpose: "When you know why you are here, nothing can knock you over. From then on, your inner compass towards success runs on autopilot."

5. Values: "The values ​​are your basis so that you can live your life fully and in flow. Stop wasting energy on things and people that don't fit. Get clear about your values ​​and shape your life accordingly."

6. Vision: "A clear picture of you and your life, your work-life integration and relationships will inevitably get you there. We create our reality, and clear images are the fixed star to actively shape your life."

3 Keys to Success-Energy

Most people don't know they run on autopilot 24/7, sabotaging themselves with limiting beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. Transform your energy into YES, I CAN! with these 3 final keys, and transform yourself and life forever.

7. Mindset: "Your thoughts are the origin of all your actions and to a good, medium or bad result. Let your thoughts speak FOR YOU, and you will experience your life completely differently."

8. Emotions: "Emotions can keep you hostage or uplift you. Learn how to process them and free yourself." 


9. Actions: "Actions will ultimately give you results. Know how to energetically charge every action so it's a success." 



After the Workshop you know exactly what you need to be successful in your transformation, and you'll get tons of AHAs and hands-on nurturing beliefs to catapult you forward in your journey. A digital workbook will guide you through the process and well beyond.

Who's your transformation trainer?

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I'm Hedi, leadership coach for the new era, a transformation & innovation coach for over a decade, a passionate speaker, and lover of life! And I have a strong vision that, one day (very soon), humans will quit surviving and existing. And instead, opt in to live their fullest, most authentic, and empowered life. What kind of a wonderful world would that be?!


I know it's not an app you press. It's work. But so rewarding. 


After over a decade of high-performance life, traveling the globe, and training all hierarchy levels, I became a mom, and my identity crisis hit me hard. I felt like I was playing roles and a victim of nonsense expectations.


Breathing but not alive!

So, I designed everything from scratch. I now live a life I'm grateful for every single day. Fulfilled, simple, and in flow.  


I know: You can do, too.


And I can't wait to meet you and support you on your unique journey.


Sending you much love and light, Hedi

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