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InnovationMom Challenge

Hi, I'm Hedi,


Your Coach for your Growth and Change since 2010,

Visionary, Speaker, Author, Mom

 and Lover of Life!

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My Mission

I'm here to help you awaken to your purpose, passion and power.
And create the life and business you want to lead. 
I know it's time and that you are the key. 
Are you with me? 

The ingredients of my work:
I hold degrees and certificates from over 15 institutions worldwide but the greatest teacher was life and my own work-life innovation experiences.
The strongest success factors for my holistic work nowadays are condensed below.
These factors give you the base for working on yourself and business strategically, psychologically, mentally, and spiritually. So that you dive deep into your potential and master self-leadership.

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Ready to turn your life away from your hamster-wheel and senseless existence into live and creation? Let's get to work.


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My innovating-forward-journey
  When I look at my life in retrospect, it feels like I have lived 4 lives. All necessary to become who I am today and to be able to e the expert I am. Here they are.

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Born and raised as a Berlin girl with unshakable curiosity and drawn to the unknown, I experimented forward throughout my whole life. Music was my first love. After that, food and daily creations. My high school year? Far away, in South Africa, starting my curiousity for changing perspectives.




Then diving deep into all (!) kinds of art forms:

Assisting artists like all-rounder Christoph Schlingensief, mega productions at the Salzburg Festival, or the Cape Town Opera House and campaigns of Germany’s most successful Popstar Herbert Grönemeyer. 


All the while studying musicology and media in Berlin and Seoul, failing with my first company RITA (Resonance In The Arts) and with convincing my professors to let me graduate with a Ph.D. based on creative and not quantitative research methods.




© Kay Herschelmann

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." 

Michael Jordan

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Now, I became part of the first Design Thinking generation in Germany.

T'was a decade of helping hundreds of incredible human beings to make innovation projects, aka, the impossible, possible. In all different industries. From SAP, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, Danfoss and Volkswagen, to the magazine DIE ZEIT and the Icelandic Opera House.

I was training students’ and executives’ innovation muscles as a lecturer at HPI's School of Design Thinking and Academy, and institutions like the Zurich University of the Arts, the University of Anhalt Dessau, and the Shiftschool Nuremberg. Partnering with the most amazing people to implement Schools of Design Thinking in Malaysia, China, and South Africa.


And I co-designed programs like the Professional Track at HPI and published the HAUFE Design Thinking Pocket Guide (2017, Germany)

Of course, my love for music didn't vanish. So I organized the awarded Piano City Festival with 100 living room concerts over 1 weekend.


Companies who enjoyed my expertise.



And now? 

My last shift happened when I became a mom. Conquering my identity crisis, rethinking and redesigning my life entirely. From big buzz city life to remote country and family life.

Byebye to outside expectations, and welcome to full-on creating the business of my dreams.


After sharing my transformational experiences and methods with friends and the community, the response and demand were overwhelming.

So I decided to quit my career and help people like you succeed.


How? The essence and formula behind my coaching is the ©Transformation Code

(get your free masterclass here)


And through the Work-Life Innovation Strategy you can learn and apply it, too. So you awaken to your authentic power and purpose and create a life (and potential) business that totally fulfills you.


We are in a time of massive transformations. A time that couldn't be better to wake up to YOU ​​and step into your power. We need leaders who know how to successfully make transformation and innovation possible. And who know that we always start with ourselves if we want to create lasting positive changes.


I know your time is NOW. And that you are the key to your success.


Are you ready?

Schedule your free 1:1 Call today.

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Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look
forward to.
Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz
(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

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