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InnovationMom Challenge

VIP Coaching


The exclusive breakthrough experience for change makers, leaders and coaches.

Wherever you are (online).

Tailored to your needs.

Designed for real transformations. In every session.


VIP Coaching - The online experience.

In a world where work-lifestyles becomes more and more individualized, self-reliable and free, we have specialized in location independent remote experiences.

Building on the benefits of online such as staying in energetically safe spaces, time efficiency and focus, we also enable the human closeness and interaction.

With collaborative and creative tools, like Miro.

VIP Coaching - The custom-made experience.


Based on your needs you choose between a support-period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

And we create a journey for you, based on the elements of the ©InnovationCanon Framework and the 3 Cs:

Clarity, Cleansing and Creation.



What path is truly yours?

Gain clarity on your purpose, values and visions to gain focus and energy.

For a new life of flow, fulfillment and ease.




Who are you without your limitations and blocks? Reprogram your subconscious mind and energetic body to become limitless.

For a new life without fears, past traumas, limiting patterns and beliefs.



What if you could create a work-lifestyle that elevates your personality and fullfilly you daily?

Bring it to life by applying our step-by-step innovation road maps and future skills.

VIP Coaching - The path into your purest potential. Fast. Direct.

To ensure breakthroughs by transforming your blocks, healing (generational) trauma and your inner child, we not just work with your 5% - the conscious mind. We go beyond and deeper in a gentle way: To your subconscious mind and higher self. In a calm yet alert state, we can ask relevant questions and get answers, solutions and most importantly: transformations quickly. By building on techniques of neurologists and energetic psychologists we help you lift the blocks, trapped emotions and set your whole potential free.

VIP Coaching - the VIP journey

  • To ensure the maximum results, all journeys are tailor made.

  • To ensure depths and time for integration in between the sessions, coaching sessions are 1,5 h long, and every two weeks.

  • To ensure maximum growth

    • Coaching sessions (zoom) are being recorded and available inside your VIP area of The Hedi Schaefer Academy to revisit.

    • The usage of the online tool Miro becomes your personal documentation space, where the session is visually recorded and structured for you.

    • Homework, i.e. affirmations, meditations and decluttering help you create new healthy habits and immediate positive life changes.

    • Weekly Check-Ins (via chat) keep you motivated, accountable and clear your doubts and hurdles.

Let's take your destiny into your hands.


And make the first step: Book your free call to check if this VIP coaching matches.

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