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awaken to your authentic power and purpose, and create the life you adore.

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Why this Mastermind?


...And when I was in my deepest identity crisis, I finally realized:

It's not about finding myself.


It's finding TO myself, getting crystal clear on my life's purpose and mastering the state of my mind and emotions. 


After building myself and life from scratch into what I absolutely adore, I know this for sure:


Your transformation process is the biggest blessing and opportunity to help you awaken to your truest potential and purpose and transform yourself into the invincible person you are. So you can create the LIFE YOU LOVE!

Many people don't know what they want in life and what their actual potential is.

Many people follow a path, play roles, and go against their soul's growth plan. 


Wondering: Why am I feeling so lost, energetically low, and not fulfilled?


Some try to make it up with outside solutions.

Doing another certificate, or course, or degree.

Changing their hometown, their house, their lovers, their Instagram identity. 


Realizing: None of it gives them the expected result and release.


Let me tell you, I've been there, and if that's you? I know how you feel.

I tried to transform anything and everything in the outside world, trying to find myself for years.

Functioning, based on outside expectations and as a high performer coach across the globe... 


Now, what can you do to turn your transformation process into full success?


Create your


OK. Knowing what you want to change out of is helping to kick start your process. BUT. For making the process a success, you need clarity of what you want to change into. Clarity is key to focusing on what matters, gaining motivation, and ultimate flow.

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With the Mastermind you stop waisting your precious time going in circles or staying stuck and you gain clarity on your:


🗝 purpose and passions

🗝 values and whom you're destined to serve

🗝 visions about your life-work integration, relationships, health, wealth, and so much more.

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Elevate your Energy

Now. Knowing what you want does not necessarily get you there.

Am I right?

The challenge is a survival brain fighting to keep you safe and away from the unknown. Preventing you from moving towards growth and success. And emotional baggage keeping you from freely moving forward.

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With the Mastermind you (re)discover what limitless power lies within you. By helping you


🗝 rewire your brain and your limiting beliefs into power and success.

🗝elevate your emotions and consciousness into “Yes, I can”, love and joy.

🗝 let go of fears and conditionings and move from helplessness into creation mode.

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What's in the Mastermind?

" It's like entering a bag full of wonders." - Antonia Roggendorf


At the end of the ALIVE! Mastermind you've 


✨ gained clarity on your inner compass - purpose, values, and visions - so the outside can not blow you over, and you can focus on what truly matters.

✨ won concrete tools, resilience, and confidence to surf through life.


✨ got clear insight on the magic, wonder, and power within and how to activate it pronto.


✨ mastered your upbeat habits, emotions, and thoughts. Yes, limiting beliefs and blockages will become a thing of the past.


✨ created nurturing relationships with yourself, others, and your life.

... in short, you stop existing and functioning. And you FEEL ALIVE!

Are you ready to step into your light?

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✨ Be the very first to secure your VIP spot.

✨ Note that spots are very limited to 8 (s)heroes per Mastermind.

✨ And that we offer the Mastermind in German and English.

100% free of charge & non-binding & not automated - you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours from me personally.


This Mastermind is priceless.
I'm now where I never thought I'd be.


Antonia Roggendorf

Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf

And who's your coach on your magical hero's journey?

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Well, that's me, Hedi. Hi ;)

First, let me tell you how thrilled I am that you are here! I'm so grateful that you are taking the time for yourself and your life.

Now let me quickly give you a heads up.


I'm Hedi, a transformation & innovation coach for over a decade, a passionate speaker, and lover of life! And I have a strong vision that, one day (very soon), humans will quit surviving and existing. And instead, opt in to live their fullest, most authentic, and empowered life. What kind of a wonderful world would that be?!


I know it's not an app you press. It's work. But so rewarding. 


After over a decade of high-performance life, traveling the globe, and training all hierarchy levels, I became a mom, and my identity crisis hit me hard. I felt like I was playing roles and a victim of nonsense expectations.


Breathing but not alive!

So, I designed everything from scratch. I now live a life I'm grateful for every single day. Fulfilled, simple, and in flow.  


I know: You can do, too.


And I can't wait to meet you and support you on your unique journey.


Sending you much love and light, Hedi

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