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Your online VIP @Transformation Code Experience to

awaken to your authentic power and purpose, and create a life to remember.

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Start your Transformation Experience today

and apply by sending us a mail.

✨ We offer the transformation experience in German and English.

✨ You choose your experience based on your needs: Silver, Gold, or Twin.

✨ NOTE: We have very limited seats, as this is a premium offer

100% free of charge & non-binding & not automated - you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps within 24 hours from me personally.

What's The Purpose Of This Transformation Experience?


...And when I was in my deepest identity crisis, I finally realized:

It's not about finding myself.


It's finding TO myself, getting crystal clear on my life's purpose and mastering the state of my mind and emotions. 


After building myself and life from scratch into what I absolutely adore, I know this for sure:


Your transformation process is the biggest blessing and opportunity to help you awaken to your truest potential and purpose and transform yourself into the invincible person you are. So you can create a LIFE TO REMEMBER!

Many people don't know what they want in life and what their actual potential is.

Many people follow a path, play roles, and go against their soul's growth plan. 


Wondering: Why am I feeling so lost, energetically low, and not fulfilled?


Some try to make it up with outside solutions.

Doing another certificate, or course, or degree.

Changing their hometown, their house, their lovers, their Instagram identity. 


Realizing: None of it gives them the expected result and release.


Let me tell you, I've been there, and if that's you? I know how you feel.

I tried to transform anything and everything in the outside world, trying to find myself for years.

Functioning, based on outside expectations and as a high performer coach across the globe... 


Now, what can you do to turn your transformation process into full success?


Create your


Knowing what you want to change out of is helping to kick start your process. BUT. For making the process a success, you need clarity of what you want to change into. Clarity is key to focusing on what matters, gaining motivation, and ultimate flow.

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With the Transformation Experience you stop waisting your precious time going in circles or staying stuck and you gain clarity on your:


🗝 purpose and passions

🗝 values and whom you're destined to serve

🗝 visions about your life-work integration, relationships, health, wealth, and so much more.

Elevate your Energy

Now. Knowing what you want does not necessarily get you there.

Am I right?

The challenge is a survival brain fighting to keep you safe and away from the unknown. Preventing you from moving towards growth and success. And emotional baggage keeping you from freely moving forward.

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With the Transformation Experience you (re)discover what limitless power lies within you. By helping you


🗝 rewire your brain and your limiting beliefs into power and success.

🗝elevate your emotions and consciousness into “Yes, I can”, love and joy.

🗝 let go of fears and conditionings and move from helplessness into creation mode.

What's The Gain Of This Transformation Experience?

" I'm now where I never thought I could be." - Antonia Roggendorf

Hedi sommerlich (660 von 669).jpg

The Transformation Experience is your ultimate Self-Empowerment Experience.

At the end of it, you've 


✨ gained clarity on your inner compass - purpose, values, and visions - so the outside world can no longer blow you over, and you can focus on what truly matters to you.

✨ won concrete tools, resilience, and confidence to surf through life.


✨ got clear insight on the magic, wonder, and power within and how to activate it pronto.


✨ mastered your upbeat habits, emotions, and thoughts. And yes, you've made limiting beliefs and blockages a thing of the past.


✨ created nurturing relationships with yourself, others, and your life.

... in short, you stop existing and functioning.


Are you ready to step into your light?


Then apply today.

100% free of charge & non-binding & not automated - you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours from me personally.

What's in the Transformation Experience?

Your experience is designed, so you can grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually beyond imagination.

Choose your experience here:



Transformation Experience over a period of 4 months


  • 8 modules via video on demand including tools & meditations

  • LIVE: 1 Kick Off Module with Hedi

  • Bonus: 4 Implementation modules via video on demand

  • VIP Mastermind area just for you inside The Change Maker Academy (and App) with all videos and content

  • A detailed digital workbook with all your tools for each module, giving you step-by-step guidelines for your transformation training

  • Q&A Podcasts for questions (each Friday)

4.900,- € (net.)

Transformation Experience

over a period of 6 months


  • Leadership Certification

  • 8 modules via video on demand including tools & meditations

  • LIVE Module and Premium Coaching: 1 Kick Off Module 

  • LIVE Module and Premium Coaching: 7 Implementation & Mastery modules 

  • Recording of every live module to revisit any time

  • VIP Mastermind area just for you inside The Change Maker Academy (and App) with all videos, content, chat & schedules

  • A detailed digital workbook with all your tools for each module, giving you step-by-step guidelines for your transformation training

  • Q&A Podcasts for questions (each Friday)

  • Bonus: 5 x 21 Day- Challenges for maximum implementation power: #1 The Perfect Morning Ritual / #2 The Perfect Evening Ritual Challenge#3 The Letting Go Challenge#4 The Transformation Mastery and # 5 The Limiting Believe Jam

  • Weekly Check Ins (Monday) to stay motivated like crazy

  • Usage of the online tool Miro for all live sessions, documentation and for a state of the art fun online coaching experience 

Transformation Experience for 2

Go on the transformation journey with your partner in crime, and share the costs. 

Applicable to The Silver & Gold Experience.

9.900,- € (net.)

What former Transformation (S)heros say:

Hedi's wit and creativity turn problems into challenges which you look
forward to.
Her view from the outside enables you to become an innovator yourself.

Malin Schulz
(Editor In Chief, DIE ZEIT) 

Hedi's content is powerful. I'm now where I never thought I could be.

Antonia Roggendorf
(Founder of The Midwife Talk)

Working with Hedi is like magic. She hits the tone, she hits the timing and she helped me to overcome my dark days with her sparkling attitude... just by being herself. Thank you Hedi for just being yourself!

Caroline Schroth
Board Member Rothlaender & Co GmbH

Thanks to the mastermind, I am no longer stuck in a victim attitude but live in complete power.

Instead of not accepting parts of myself, I know: I am perfect the way I am. Instead of being constantly stressed and under pressure to perform, I know: I don't have to. I can. My relationships are now connected instead of superficial chit-chat - even without words. And thanks to the clarity of my purpose, values ​​, and vision, I know exactly where I want to go.

Larissa Pauli

This experience was beyond anything I've ever done. I gained clarity for all the topics I was occupied with and got confident about myself and all that I want to achieve.

Hedi's Mastermind helped me realize and really act on this realization that I can create and have the life that I want.


Dimitroula Thanas

I got so much positive energy for my new mother role

and found out who I want to be as a mother and person.

Pauline Schaefer

The mastermind package was perfect for me: Honest, empathetic support and lots of great inputs and exercises took me by the hand week after week and guided me through the mud. Now I'm standing in front of a freshly sown lawn, have made decisions and found relaxation. Goodbye to roller coaster rides and hamster wheels. I have learned to live myself and no longer let myself live. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead of me: my SELF.


Nadin Schmolke 

(Project Manager)

The Modules:


Module 1:

The Transformation Code & Success Strategy 


In this kick-off module, you


✅ get to download your intentions for your transformation journey and learn about your tools for a premium experience


✅ learn about the Transformation Code and the Success Strategy as guiding principles and backbone to get the most out of your structured transformational journey



Module 2:

Powerfrequency & Self-Empowerment Strategies


In this module, you

✅ dive into the Universal Laws (Metaphysics), world of energies and power frequencies

✅ learn how to steer your transformation and your life in a positive direction through unconditional self-love and positive self-talk, and you know what it takes to do so

✅ take your first hands-on training tools home with you


Module 3:

Clarity With My Purpose

Most people know what they want to transform out of, but not where they want to transform into.

In this module, you

✅ learn why your purpose is the basis for a fulfilled life and how it can give you orientation and motivation in all weather conditions. Even when the outside world is falling apart

✅ create your purpose, so you become the director of your life


Module 4:

Integration & Acceleration


In this module, you


dive deeper into the integration of the last modules 


create your strength-giving Perfect Morning Ritual and learn to simplify your everyday life with the help of the Anti-Overwhelm Formula


bring your purpose to the point and anchor it using the purpose code meditation


Module 5:

My Perfect State: Love & Above


What if you'd always live in a place of love, aliveness, and abundance?

You'd flow through life. 

In this module, you

✅ dive into the conscious creation of your daily state that transmutes fear, struggle, and lack

✅ learn about hands-on strategies, like the Attitude Of Gratitude, that empower you to make this possible—every moment of every day



Module 6:

Clarity With My Values



Your values ​​are not only shaping your character. 

In this module, you

✅ discover the true power behind your values, as the basis for easy decision-making and a life in an absolute flow state

✅ learn how to create a life based on your actual (!) values, where you don't lose but gain energy




Module 7: 

Integration & Acceleration



In this module, you


dive deeper into the integration of your last 2 modules, i.e. by creating 

your Perfect Evening Ritual 


✅ learn to further transform and simplify your everyday life based on your values so that you no longer lose energy (through things that just don't suit you) but live in the flow and celebration of life



Module 8: 

Letting GO & (PowerChoicing)


When you transform yourself into a higher version of yourself, things, people, roles, etc., do no longer fit.


In this module, you


✅  learn about letting go of blockers making your life difficult


✅  dive into the power of forgiveness for ultimate inner peace


✅ and how you ease and accelerate the act of decision-making by



Module 9: 

Clarity With My Visions - Part 1


Because your outer world is just a reflection of your inner world, in this module, you


✅ start to create your future from the inside-out by envisioning the well-being state of your body, soul, and mental health


✅ create visions for your relationships, i.e., 

partnership, family, and friendships


✅ learn about strategies for relationship management 




Module 13: 

Integration & Acceleration


In this module, you


 dive deeper into the integration of your last modules: Living without fear.


✅ learn about healing strategies, i.e. like working with your inner child


✅ create your strategies for your visions from module 12 and make your dreams come true





Module 10: 

Integration & Acceleration


In this module, you


✅ dive deeper into the integration of the last 2 modules: letting go, well-being states, and mastering valuable relationships.


accelerate the implementation of your visions by developing strategies for them and go for it



Module 11: 

Fear Mastery &

EQ Training


To live in flow and absolute peace with yourself and everyone else, it is essential to understand and master (not suppress!) fears 

In this module, you


✅  learn about the essence of fear mastery


✅  and train your EQ (emotion quotient) with magical tools



Module 12: 

Clarity With My Visions -

Part 2


How exactly do you want to live? And what do you wanna give?


In this module, you


✅ create a clear picture of how you want to design your environment (house & home) and your perfect daily routine


✅ dive into what work-life integration means for you and what your legacy is for your time on earth



Module 14: 



In this module, you


 dissolve your individual blockages of your successful transformation

 dive deeper into the topics of energy mastery and manifestation, intentional money creation, and leadership in a new world





Module 15: 


In this module, you


 further dissolve your individual blockages of your successful transformation

 like Module 14 this powerful sessions is designed to enable you to fully express yourself for who you really are and live out your leadership qualities in a new world without ifs and buts





Module 16: 

Grand Finale


This grand finale


 celebrates your achievements and helps you rewrite your story into pure power, bliss and flow


 activates you so that you can continue to implement your transformed life with heart and full force and use every transformation of your future life to your advantage


And who's your coach on your magical (s)hero's journey?

Hedi sommerlich (505 von 669).jpg

That's me, Hedi. Hi ;)

First, let me tell you how thrilled I am that you are here! Ready to create a life to remember. 

Now let me quickly give you a heads up.


I'm a transformation & innovation coach for over a decade, a passionate speaker, energy channel, and lover of life! And I have a strong vision that one day (very soon), humans will quit surviving and existing. And instead, opt in to live their fullest, most authentic, and empowered life. What kind of a wonderful world would that be?!


I know it's not an app you press. It's work. But so rewarding. And I'm the living proof. 


After over a decade of high-performance life, traveling the globe, and training all hierarchy levels, I became a mom, and my identity crisis hit me hard. I felt like I was playing roles and a victim of nonsense expectations. I had no clue who I was, without purpose and powerless.

So, I designed myself and life from scratch. 


On my path, after tons of personal development courses and coaching, self-reflection, and experimentation with tools of my life as a consultant, I finally discovered the keys to successful transformation, in short: © The Transformation Code. Something I wished I had while going through the mess. Making the process simpler and so much more enjoyable. Because of the code, I now live a life I'm grateful for every day: Fulfilled, and in flow. 

And I know: You can do, too.


Are you ready for your power and purpose and for creating a life to remember?


Get in touch today.

Much love, Hedi

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