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With Hedi Schaefer, known from:

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It’s You O’Clock – Time to Become the Best Version of You


I was so hesitant to do this. Putting ALL of my favorite tools and mindset shifts in one series?!

OH, YES. It's time to give it all away so you can thrive...
Now, the wait is finally over! And I am beyond excited to welcome you to your 30 Days of Transformation: Become Your Best Version Yet. This is your moment to unlock your true potential and go on a life-changing journey. In the smoothest and easiest way possible.

Why Now?

Because it’s You O’Clock – time to prioritize yourself and step into the life you deserve. As an innovation consultant with over a decade of experience, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible power of inner transformation. For your relationships, business, and feeling so powerful, you're ready to create ANYTHING.

Now, I’m sharing my most profound tools and life-changing exercises with you for the first time ever.


From Burnout to Breakthrough: My Journey

There was a time when my life seemed perfect on the outside, yet inside I was struggling with burnout, depression, identity crises, massive anxiety, and low confidence. My life felt like a circus, and I was constantly seeking approval and validation from others. But then, I had an epiphany: what if I could not only innovate products and services, businesses and company cultures...BUT MYSELF and my entire life, the way I wanted it?

And so I did.

The secret? Redesigning from the inside out, my beliefs and energy, my purpose and visions. 

The problem? Back then, I didn't have the tools available, it all felt complicated and "reserved" for top athletes, business owners and celebrities. So it took me years of trial and error, searching for and working with the best mindset coaches on the planet, until I finally found and collected the very best and most effective ways to transform—the VERY Best Of, you can now find in the 30 Days Of Transformation.


​What You’ll Learn

This deeply personal and transformative series will guide you through the steps I took to rebuild my life and become the most empowered, confident, and focused version of myself. It's is not rocket science. It's doable hacks for busy everyday lives. Each email is packed with actionable tips, powerful tools, and innovative strategies you don't find anywhere else to help you:

  • Center Yourself: Find your inner peace and build a solid foundation for creating positive change. Mental health first!

  • Boost Confidence: Cultivate unshakeable self-belief so that you don't stay stuck any longer.

  • Move Towards What Moves You: Develop the clarity needed to pursue your dreams.

  • Create Your Dream Life: Use the proven strategies, only available to top athletes, business owners and celebrities, to design an empowered state, results and life that exceeds your expectations.



Why This Series is Different​

This is not just another self-help program. It’s a gift from my heart to yours, born from my own struggles and triumphs. The essence of working my way through the cocoon and becoming a butterfly eventually.

How is the butterfly significant?

In the quiet cocoon, a butterfly undergoes one of nature’s most profound transformations. Shrouded in darkness, it reconfigures itself, breaking down its old form to emerge as a vibrant symbol of change and rebirth. This metamorphosis mirrors our own journeys. We all face moments of struggle and introspection—those dark days when progress feels distant. Yet, it is within these trials that we find our strength, reimagining and rebuilding ourselves. Like the butterfly, we too have the power to emerge from our cocoons, not just changed but transformed into our most radiant selves. If we have the support and guidance. I’m here to walk with you every step of the way, sharing the same powerful insights and practices that transformed lives.

Each email is crafted to guide you through the steps I took to rebuild my life and become the most empowered, confident, and focused version of myself. Every day brings a fresh perspective and motivation to create positive changes right away.


Ready to Transform?

It’s You O’Clock – time to take charge of your destiny and become the best version of yourself. Don't you think?

We are at a pivotal moment in history where personal fulfillment and professional success go hand in hand. We're in a mental health crisis, and people need the tools only available to the few to thrive. Many are left behind. Not you! By making this program affordable, I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Don’t wait another day to start living the life you deserve.

Join the 31 Days of Transformation email series today and start the journey to change your life forever.

Special Price: Value 1333,- €   NOW ONLY 33,- €

"Thank You, Hedi! Mind blowing." Mary C. Costa

"Sometimes we need a push to break through. This was my push. So needed, thanks." Daniel Tisch

How does this work?

  • Once you've purchased the 30 Days of Transformation series, you'll receive a confirmation email. After confirming, you're all set, and the first day of transformation will arrive in your inbox.

  • Look for your daily dose of transformation, marked with a 🦋. Take your time each day to dive into the insights, practice them and watch your life shift.

  • It's YOU O'Clock! Enjoy!

Hedi's content is powerful. I'm now where I never thought I could be.

Antonia Roggendorf
(Founder of The Midwife Talk)

Thanks to Hedi's program, I am no longer stuck in a victim mode but live in complete power.

Instead of not accepting parts of myself, I know: I am perfect the way I am. Instead of being constantly stressed and under pressure to perform, I know: I don't have to. I can. My relationships are now connected instead of superficial chit-chat - even without words. And thanks to the clarity of my purpose, values ​​, and vision, I know exactly where I want to go.

Larissa Pauli
(Project Manager)

This experience was beyond anything I've ever done. I gained clarity for all the topics I was occupied with and got confident about myself and all that I want to achieve.

Hedi's Mastermind helped me realize and really act on this realization that I can create and have the life that I want.


Dimitroula Thanas

The package was perfect for me: Honest, empathetic support and lots of great inputs and exercises took me by the hand week after week and guided me through the mud. Now I'm standing in front of a freshly sown lawn, have made decisions and found relaxation. Goodbye to roller coaster rides and hamster wheels. I have learned to live myself and no longer let myself live. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead of me: my SELF.


Nadin Schmolke 

(Project Manager)

Why I've decided to share ALL MY WISDOM?

Hi, I'm Hedi, and I'm thrilled you're ready to make positive changes in your work-life today. Having helped countless individuals globally since 2010, I understand the profound value of having powerful tools to break through and succeed.

I believe we're currently at a crucial time in human history, a pivotal moment where many are choosing to transform, break cycles, and create a fulfilled life unlike any generation before us. My own journey through crisis taught me how lonely and dark those days can feel. That's why I'm here—to provide you with the best tools that changed my entire world most effectively and to shine a light, guiding you through those messy transformational days.

You might be wondering why I offer the 30 Days of Transformation at such a low price and why now. The answer is simple: I believe in the urgency of our times and the necessity for accessible, transformative tools. This is not just about affordability; it's about creating a ripple effect of positive change. I want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, has the opportunity to thrive.

By making this program affordable, I hope to remove any barriers that might hold you back from embarking on this transformative journey. Now is the time because the world is ready for change. We are collectively poised on the brink of a new era where personal fulfillment and professional success go hand in hand. 

I know you can make it because I have, and I'm an ordinary human being with a vision. My vision is a world of thriving people. Are you with me? Click the button, and let's begin.

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