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State Of The Art Energy Healing

Step into your authentic power and transmute your limiting beliefs, fears, programmings and energetic blocks with high frequencies. 

These high frequencies are channeled by Hedi.

Online and wherever you are on your individual healing journey.

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What is this about?

Healing your blocks to live fully and authentically - like the feeling of being unworthy, angry, ashamed or fearful is an energetic and not, as too often conveyed, a purely cognitive journey. ​


Those blocks are like glue in your cells, managing your life like a back office manager. 95% subconsciously. Controlling you. Not, as it's supposed to be:


You being in control.


The release of trapped emotions and energies, trauma and limitations is therefore essential, when wanting to be emotionally freed. And living a life of flow and ease



So, how does this work?

The transmission of high-frequency energy through my hands allows you to release blocks and clarify questions for your path to freedom and fulfillment, self-love and abundance.


It is the gentlest and sometimes the most direct way of healing.


The online sessions allow you to remain completely in your protected space. All you need is yourself and a quiet space to relax deeply.


The effect. True story of a High Heals - Client

I was able to enjoy power healing with Hedi 3 times. Wow! With her very friendly and calm attitude, she immediately gained my full trust. She led me through a healing journey that was beautiful. I felt that she spotted the problem very quickly and gently. I could fully let myself fall into her hands. With her help, I was able to reframe my subconscious. Hedi was able to dissolve false beliefs that were anchored in me. After each session, I always felt very light and free. After the last one, this feeling is very lasting, which I owe to Hedi and her great work. She would probably say "No, that's your success alone". I am very grateful to Hedi and can only recommend everyone to embark on a journey to their own subconscious with her.

- Antonia Roggendorf, May 16th 2023

The Step-by-Step Process - 60 min.


At the beginning we discuss the intention for the session, your status quo and best-case outcome.

About 5 min.



Here I will gently lead you into deep relaxation and your individual healing meditation. The Energy transfer is flowing though your body, aura and through visualizations you are entering your subconcious. Blocks can be released and your cells are charged with high energy frequencies and align to your desired outcome. 


About 50 min.



Here you will reflect on your take aways, i.e. new empowering beliefs and possible next steps.

About 5 min.

Price 60 min via Zoom: 444,- € 

High Heals! Package: 3 x 60 min: 999,- €

Booking & Questions

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