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The Star In Me

Unlock Your True Potential And Inner Compass To Thrive!

Transform stress and overwhelm into an authentic work-life style filled with passion, joy, and flow.

With the online mastermind for changemakers, leaders, and coaches, bringing clarity to your purpose, values, and visions.

Clarity as a superpower has been featured in the media.

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Are you facing any of these challenges?

1. Lost in Transition: Longing for change in your work-lifestyle but unsure where to begin?

2. Direction Dilemma: Knowing what to move out of but uncertain about the right direction to take?

3. Unfulfilled Potential: Craving a life filled with true potential, purpose, and fulfillment?

4. Emotional Exhaustion: Feeling overwhelmed, drained, and without meaningful direction?

5. Drive Depletion: Certain there is more to (your) life and it's time to fully access it?

If any of these resonate with you, The Star In Me is your golden ticket to a life-altering journey.

Why You Shouldn't Miss Out:


Success is 20% skill and 80% strategy - Jim Rohn

Most people know what they want to get out of life but struggle with where to move towards and why. They end up stuck, miserable, and without energy. The Star In Me is your step-by-step, proven roadmap to overcoming these hurdles, guiding you into your fullest potential to discover your PURPOSE, VALUES, and VISIONS.

You are unique.


​Clients describe it as the "ultimate treasure hunt," uncovering what's buried beneath societal expectations, revealing your true potential. You are unique, and this mastermind empowers you to create your blueprint for an authentic work-lifestyle.

The Roadmap:



Your purpose

Uncover your purpose with the 360° purposing formula. Identify your potential and power, the why behind your being on this plane, creating a clear purpose that gives meaning, security, and daily motivation for your life and business.


  • Meaning for your life and business.

  • Security in an ever-changing world.

  • Daily motivation to move forward and create.


Your values

Humans make 20.000 decisions a day. The clarity about your values turns decision-making into ease and flow. Define quality standards for your life, work,  and relationships. Turning energy drain into energy gain and overwhelm into fulfillment.



  • Turn decision-making processes into ease and flow.

  • Transform energy drain into energy gain.

  • Convert overwhelming work-lifestyle into fulfillment.


Your visions

Create your desired future. Get unstuck by creating clear visions for every aspect of your life and work: from yourself, daily life, relationships, to work-style, career, and perfect environment to thrive. Gain focus and direction for achieving your dream scenario. 




  • Pull effects towards focused and fast realization.

  • Opportunities to declutter your life.

  • New opportunities for making money without the hassle.

The greater clarity you have about the reason why you are on this earth, the easier it will be for you to hit your bull's-eye in life.

- Brian Tracy

What's In The Star In Me Package?


  • Six 1.5-hour Zoom Modules: Exclusive content to guide you through the process.

  • Six 1-hour Action Sessions: Guidance after each module on how to take action, and accelerate success.

  • Templates, Homework, and Session Recordings: Resources to reinforce your progress.

  • Limited to Twenty Participants: Ensuring personalized attention.

  • Price: 4000 € (net.) - SAVE 1.000€ with Early Bird SPECIAL and pay 3.000 € NOW

  • Schedule:

    • NEXT START: Module 1 - 3rd of August 4 PM (CEST) / Action Session 1 -  10th of August, 4 PM (CEST)

    • Module 2: 17th of August, 4 PM (CEST) / Action Session 2 - 24th of August, 4 PM (CEST)

    • Module 3: 31st of August, 4 PM (CEST)/ Action Session 3 - 7th of September, 4 PM (CEST)

    • Module 4: 14th of September, 4 PM (CEST)/ Action Session 4 - 21st of September, 4 PM (CEST)

    • Module 5: 28th of September, 4 PM (CEST)/ Action Session 5 - 5th of October, 4 PM (CEST)

    • Module 6: 12th of October, 4 PM (CEST)/ Action Session 6 - 19th of October, 4 PM (CEST)

Backed by performance research (i.e. by Steven Kotler), The Star In Me uniquely focuses on all elements that enhances mental and physical health, motivation, productivity, resilience, and focus. These are the puzzle pieces for living a self-actualized life full of fulfillment, and flow.

Why Choose The Star In Me?

Hedi's content is powerful. I'm now where I never thought I could be.

Antonia Roggendorf
(Founder of The Midwife Talk)

Thanks to Hedi's program, I am no longer stuck in a victim mode but live in complete power.

Instead of not accepting parts of myself, I know: I am perfect the way I am. Instead of being constantly stressed and under pressure to perform, I know: I don't have to. I can. My relationships are now connected instead of superficial chit-chat - even without words. And thanks to the clarity of my purpose, values ​​, and vision, I know exactly where I want to go.

Larissa Pauli
(Project Manager)

This experience was beyond anything I've ever done. I gained clarity for all the topics I was occupied with and got confident about myself and all that I want to achieve.

Hedi's Mastermind helped me realize and really act on this realization that I can create and have the life that I want.


Dimitroula Thanas

The package was perfect for me: Honest, empathetic support and lots of great inputs and exercises took me by the hand week after week and guided me through the mud. Now I'm standing in front of a freshly sown lawn, have made decisions and found relaxation. Goodbye to roller coaster rides and hamster wheels. I have learned to live myself and no longer let myself live. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead of me: my SELF.


Nadin Schmolke 

(Project Manager)

Why I teach the WLIS?

Hi, I'm Hedi, and I'm thrilled you're ready to make positive changes in your work-life-style. Having helped countless individuals globally since 2010, I understand the profound value of purpose, visions, and values. Because they saved my life while facing one of my biggest crises in life. 

My personal journey through the search for meaning and fulfillment, especially as a depressed new mom, led me to first use, then being in shock about the life changing results and finally: share these teachings, so others can finally break free themselves. Now, I'm living my dream life with a dream business, and I'm so grateful and happy to guide you to create your most fulfilling new chapter.

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