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Design Thinking

(Online) Workshop Design


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Design Thinking HAUFE Pocketguide (German only)

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"Online Workshop Design"

is April 2023 (German only)

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Inspirational Talk


What are struggles and challenges in times of change and how to tackle them successfully with the 9 keys to transformation success, ©The Transformation Code? 

Time: 60-120 min 

Group Size: TBD 

Take Aways: The 9 keys to transformation success and holistic (self) leadership in time of change.  


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Successful (Self) Leadership

In Times Of Change

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Training Series: Self Leadership In Times Of Change

Topic: In times of change, there is increased stress and demands on the psyche and well-being. We get stressed when we can't or think we can't cope with the load. Just the feeling "I can't do it" is enough. Then blood pressure and muscle tension rise, the heart beats faster, and we breathe more heavily.

It leads to overwork and sick leave.


The series "self-leadership in times of change" aims to provide employees with a constant basis that promotes inner peace and self-leadership in dealing with stress and change through regular impulses

and specific exercises.

The training series for successful self-leadership are made up of the areas of resilience, mindfulness, neuroscience and strategy. In this way, an optimal basis for coping with change and stress can be provided on a mental, strategic, physical and psychological level.

Time: 30-60 min per session 

Group Size: TBD 

Session: 1-18 sessions

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Hi, I'm Hedi,


your expert for innovation and transformation, founder of The Change Maker Academy and Designer of ©The Transformation Code. I've been in the industry since 2010 across the globe. I know that change processes, guided correctly, help you step into power and shape your business according to your ideas and wishes. 

​My story fast forward? After a decade of training CEOS to start-ups across all industries and the globe, innovate their businesses and life, I became a mom. With that came a massive identity crisis and personal transformation journey leading towards creating a life and business purely built on passion and purpose. 

I wished: I had someone with the expertise I have back then. And ​I know: Everything is possible and doable.

Are you ready to go all-in and beyond?

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