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Make your knowledge last

How to make knowledge last?

How can you help your audience (whether its students or your team or your workshop participants) remember the content of your workshop or speech?

How can you help them to TAKE IT HOME?

Today I'm going to share with you a truly magical visualization method to help your audience make any kind of content last.

A handmade, creative version of the format: Pecha Kucha.

What is this Pecha Kucha method?

Pecha Kucha is a storytelling format.

Each audience member creates a number of slides (you decide!), with simples drawings. And then he or she presents each slide for exactly 20 seconds. That's the trick. 20 seconds, that's all you have for one single slide.

That way, they really internalize the knowledge you gave them on different levels.

But lets see how this works in detail.

After completing your workshop, class or speech: ask your audience to sketch the essence of what they remember.

Hand out paper, I recommend 4-6 pieces of paper for each participant. And have some fun colourful pens available.

And you tell them that each piece of paper or lets rather say "handmade slide" should represent one key aspect.

Now you give them only a couple of minutes to sketch. Don't give them more time than 30 seconds to 1 minute for one each slide because they should get into the doing mode, just going for it. Not judging themselves and their style of drawing. Really cheer them on during this exercise.

If they have more time, people tend to become more and more critical and perfectionistic.

But that's not the goal of this game. Its for them to capture what they've remembered from the top of their head, use visualization because that way, they process the knowledge about 70% -80% better than just in writing. And they can also better communicate it in the next step.

The presentation!

So after this 3 minutes, your participants give a presentation with the help of their handcrafted slides. For each slide, traditional Pecha Kucha style, they have 20 seconds.

Show them the time or give them a sign after 20 seconds to switch their handcrafted slide and move on.

Now again, to wrap up the benefits of this exercise.

This adapted Peach Kucha method helps your audience to reflect on the content you gave them. They capture it using visualization and time constraints, and then by presenting it, they make it last even more. It's a method to literally take the content HOME.

Thanks so much for your time and energy.

I hope this content is of value to you.

If so, become part of this community and be back soon for another innovation training session.

XXX, Hedi

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