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Innovation Strategy (WLIS)

The Online-Mastermind for change makers, leaders and coaches to find clarity about your purpose, values and visions. So you can stop the hassle and overwhelm and create your authentic work-life-style powered by passion, joy and flow.

Clarity as a superpower has been featured in the media.

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Are you facing any of these problems? Then this is for you.

1. Are you longing for change in your work-lifestyle but have no idea where to start?

2. Do you know what to move out of but not what direction to take?
3. Do you want to live a life full of your true potential, purpose, and fulfillment?

Why you shouldn't miss out on this chance.


Most people know what they want to get out of. But not where they want to move towards and why.

So they're stuck, miserable, depressed, unfocused and without energy.

Success is 20% skill and 80% strategy - Jim Rohn


This training guides you step-by-step into finding your

PURPOSE—the why; VALUES—the how; and VISIONS—the where to.

Clients call it the "ultimate treasure hunt," as it's going into what's been buried under your societal program of functioning. And what is your true potential.

You are unique.


​You create your blueprint for your unique and authentic work-lifestyle, so you can start to "surf" through your most fulfilled and successful chapter yet.

And with that you'll gain the focus needed to thrive in our ever-changing modern world and for making your (hidden) dreams a success.

What's the WLIS roadmap?



Your purpose

With the 360° purposing formula you step into the clarity of your passions, skillset, value creation, and your unique power to overcoming hurdles. In that holistic process you identify why you do things that fulfill you and meant to be doing.

At the end you take home one sentence that becomes your driver for waking up every morning with a smile on your face. Ready to conquer the world. 


A clear purpose:

✅ gives you meaning for your life and business.


✅ gives you security in an ever changing world. 

✅ gives you daily motivation to move forward and create.


Your values

Humans make 20.000 decisions a day. Some conscious, some unconscious. And some are easy, others difficult to make. The speed and quality of your decisions to create the work-life-style you desire is up to the clarity about your values.

In this holistic process of finding clarity you understand what drives and blocks you. At the end you take home quality standards for the relevant areas of your work-life-style to help you thrive.



Clear values

✅ turn your decision making processes into ease and flow.

✅ turn energy drain into energy gain.

✅ turn an overwhelming work-lifestyle into fulfillment. 


Your visions

Most people know they want something to change, but they get forever stuck not knowing what their dream scenario is and the next steps to take.

Clarity about your work-lifestyle gives you the focus and direction to achieve it!
In that holistic process you create  ideal pictures for yourself and the relevant roles you play, your life and ideal workstyle, your legacy, ideal clients and (business) partner.



Clear visions

✅ provide you with pull effects towards focused and fast realization.

✅ provide you with opportunities to declutter your life from relationships and draining tasks.

✅ provide you with new opportunities for making money without the hassle. 

The greater clarity you have about the reason why you are on this earth, the easier it will be for you to hit your bull's-eye in life.

- Brian Tracy

What's in the WLIS package?

This 3-month mastermind contains six Zoom sessions (1.5 hours) with exclusive content. Here you get to work.

And 6 Zoom sessions (1 hour) for Q&A, support, and success acceleration. Here you clear your blocks.

Other than that the package includes templates, homework and recordings of the sessions.

We accept a maximum of twenty people per round.

For a spot on the waitlist, please book your free 1:1 here.

Based on the performance research by Steven Kotler the clarity of the WLIS elements enhances your motivation, productivity, resilience, and focus. 

By doing so, we have more over witnessed the 3Fs: More fullfillment, fun and flow. Ready?

Why innovators choose the WLIS?

Why I teach the WLIS?

First, I'm so thrilled you want to make positive changes in your work-life-style. NOW. WOW!

I've helped countless people across the globe and industries since 2010 to stop the hassle and create a meaningful life on the basis of purpose, visionsm and values.


But it wasn't until I crashed with my own search for meaning and fulfillment when becoming a mom, that I understood the profound value of these teachings and were able to level them up. 


Using and teaching what I love for who I love catapulted me into my dream life with a dream business. Which I'm grateful for every day. And I know you can create your fulfilling work-life-style, too.


How is this mastermind different from other teachings?

Most trainings focus on a blueprint created for you. This never works because you are unique. In this mastermind, you create your blueprint based on a step-by-step process. Which makes your outcome long-lasting. Also, we have as many Q&A rounds as we have content sessions to ensure you are on track and in flow. Get in touch today to secure your waitlist spots. Can't wait to meet you.

Yours Hedi

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