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InnovationMom Challenge

The Powerhouse Activation Formula

Becoming a mom means going through a major change process (my heart goes out to all of you).


BUT: Instead of staying stuck, unhappy, feeling like surviving. 

You can use this change process to your advantage and thrive.


It all starts and ends in your mind. Cause whether you think you can or not, that's what you take action on, right? 

The PAF is here to give you the tools, strategy, and support to create the life of your dreams. 


Ready to have it all?

The Program Will Be Back Soon.

What is the Powerhouse Activation Formula?

PAF is an 8 module, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, creative tools and strategies to moms who want to positively transform their lifes.

Whether you’re a brand new mom struggling with your new identity as a mom and person or you're ready to start a new chapter in your life, the PAF will challenge you to become more empowered, confident, and live every day at your highest level.


It’s designed to turn your life into a fulfilled journey that favors action instead of reaction. And thriving instead of surviving.

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What The Real Super Power Moms Say:


"The Powerhouse Activation Formula is extremely inspiring.


It helped me reconnect with my inner self and develop wonderful daily me-time routines, which enabled me to create new possibilities for working on my personal career and finding time for myself while still no missing out time with my baby."


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"The Powerhouse Activation Formula is priceless. I'm now where I never thought I'd be."


"For the first time, I was not only observing my baby develop further but MYSELF.


I got so much positive energy for my new mother role and found out who I want to be as a mother and person.

This journey was and is a lot about understanding, trusting, and at the same time, encouraging, motivating, and inspiring exchange with other super moms."



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"I gained clarity for all the topics that I was occupied with.

I got confident about myself and all that I want to achieve.

The Powerhouse Activation Formula helped me realize and really act on this realization that I can create and have the life that I want." 



The Powerhouse Activation Formula in a Nut Shell?

The PAF trainings are released in weekly Modules with easy-to-follow videos, and downloadable audios, checklists, inspiration sheets, and bonuses. All of the training is online inside your PAF site.

Every 3 weeks, we'll do a content break, so the program is 10 weeks long.

You're not alone.


You have access to the InnovationMom tribe, your online community via Mighty Networks. Here to cheer you on and keep you accountable. To share and connect.


Every 2 weeks, you can ask anything on your mind in the InnovationMom Q&A sessions with Hedi.

These sessions are recorded and for download afterward.

You're the boss.

You decide when you consume the modules and take action upon your challenges.


It's action-oriented.

Every module contains a set of challenges. Think of it as a tool belt. It's designed so you can train new habits and create your life step by step within the course. And for the rest of your life. 

Go here for an overview of all modules.

For more information check out the PAF's warm-up video here.

On a personal note:

How the PAF Completely Changed My Life

Is the Powerhouse Activation Formula for ME?

It is, when your inner voice says "yes" to:

InnovationMom Challenge

"I want to take my destiny into my own hands." 

InnovationMom Challenge

"I'm ready to make some changes to the things no longer serving me." 

InnovationMom Challenge

"I'm ok with stepping into the unknown first to create my perfect picture eventually."

Drei Frauen
InnovationMom Challenge

"I'm ready to call myself the creator of my life."

It is not, when your inner voice says:

"I am looking for a coach."

The PAF includes Q&A sessions, and we'll answer your questions as best we can in the online community. But, this does not equal a 1:1 session. I believe that we are strongest when we learn to be our own gurus. And this course helps you with that.

For finding an InnovationMom coach, check out our trusted network here.


"I don't have time."


Personal development and growth work like training muscles. You don't see results only by buying the gym membership (I thought that often;)).

Yes, the PAF is designed for moms and tested by busy moms.

But just like training a muscle: The more time you invest (at least 10-30 minutes a day), the more you will get out of it.


"I am looking for a place to exchange parenting tips & tricks."

This course is specifically for you!

And only you.


"I need a blueprint for my life."

Every outcome is different. You are a unique being, and your version of heaven on earth will look just as unique.

The Story of the Powerhouse Activation Formula








Hi, I'm Hedi,

creator, and your teacher of the PAF.


3 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and EVERYTHING CHANGED.


Until the day she was born, I denied that this radical (!) change could ever happen to me. I gave my friends my word that it won't. And here I was struggling with my identity, my partnership, my energy, my past, my future.


Simply: Everything!

One day though, it hit me:

"Hedi, you're an INNOVATION consultant; you help people through change processes," a voice screamed. "And now look at you! You suck so badly. You have all the tools! Use them!"










It's been a messy process, painful and draining (that's what these processes are). But the end was so bright and fulfilling.


I can safely say: I have it all. 

Every day I feel like I have lived fully and am grateful for all the new experiences. Now: I'm not special, nor on drugs. I'm just using techniques that help you to create positive changes.

99% of your life is mindset. The rest is how you use it.

More on my life journey you'll find here.

Thumbnail Warm Up.png

Warm Up

Here you'll learn about the process, structure and content of the Powerhouse Formula Activation Formula.

You'll get access to your tribe and then you're ready to go.

Thumbnail Module 1.png

Module 1:

Let's get your journey started

You'll kick off with 10 Tips For Complete Course Success, so you own your course journey completely and take every bit of knowledge home.  

You'll learn about the Power of Journaling and dive into Change Processes. 



Module 4:

Choice and Inner Wisdom

This Module is about becoming an expert in living from a place of empowerment.  

You'll dive deep into the power of choices and making conscious decisions for your everyday life. 


And you'll learn to make use of your inner wisdom with The Inner Wisdom Game Plan.

Thumbnail Module 2.png

Module 2:

Self-Love & Self-Talk

You'll dive into the foundational topics self-love and self-talk.


Lots of fun challenges are waiting for you here.


Because it's all about practice.


Module 5:


This Module is all about creating visions and turning them into reality.


You'll dive deep into an Envisioning Process for different aspects of your life.


To make them possible, you'll work with The Vision Conversion Code.

Module 3:

Body Boost

This module is about The Attitude of Gratitude, according to research, a natural antidepressant and burn out preventer. 


Then you will also dive into The Body Reactivation Formula, dedicated to the physical power of your body and postures. 

The Modules - A Quick Overview

Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf
Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf
Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf

Module 6:


In other words here you'll design your love life.

It's designed to deepen your love, respect, and connection to each other. 

Module 7:


You'll be working on your perfect family life. 


You'll look at your small system 

and you bigger system.


You find out what each of them mean to you precisely and how to sustain it the best way possible. 

Module 8:


Whoop, whoop!! 

Your final Module is all about anchoring your Powerhouse Activation Formula.

You will make sure to take this course home for good.

Violet and Peach Brushstroke Artists Inf
The Modules

Ready to have it all?

The Program Will Be Back Soon.

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