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5 Feedback Techniques for HIGH PERFORMANCE Teams and Groups

Feedback is a gift.

It helps teams reflect, find solutions to pressing issues, and become more productive and thriving.

Yet, according to a 2016 PWC study, while the majority (75%) believe it's valuable, only 30% state they receive feedback regularly.

In my decade of supporting teams in organizations, I've learned that the biggest hurdle isn't the awareness.

It's the tools, the support, the reminder to make the feedback process a natural, and not awkward thing on top, which can easily make things worse.

That's why I've created this Feedback series for you. Below you will find my top 5 tools for successful feedback to help you integrate this wonderful process into your monthly, weekly, even daily work.

Scroll, pick, and enjoy!

Your Toolbox:

1. The 3-2-1 Feedback

What is it: A super simple feedback framework.


- Feedback becomes easy and digestible

- It helps you reflect and take action for improvement

Needed: No prep needed.

Tutorial: Watch below.

2. The Feedback Buzzer

What is it: A visual "cry for stopping the process", when things get hairy and timely feedback is needed.


- Timely feedback becomes possible

- Becomes part of your culture in no time

Needed: Select your individual version of the "buzzer", and have it visible at all times.

Tutorial: Watch below.

3. The Fastest Feedback Ever

What is it: A-one-word feedback wrapping up the experience of the individual.


- Super fast and fun

- Ends each session on a high note because everyone participates non the feedback process

Needed: No preparation required, 1-3 Minutes depending on the group size.

Tutorial: Watch below.

4. The Feedback Hand

What is it: A holistic structuring tool for 5 different feedback categories.


- Easy to remember and fun

- Insightful and holistic as it tackles five different feedback categories

Needed: No preparation required, 5-10 Minutes depending on the group size.

Tutorial: Watch below.

5. The Feedback Matrix

What is it: A structuring tool feedback for positive and critical feedback.


- Easy to fill in

- Insightful and holistic as it tackles four different feedback categories

Needed: Feedback Matrix on Canvas, 5-30 Minutes depending on the group size.

Tutorial: Watch below.

Woop, woop. You've made it!

Any questions? Feel free to connect at hedi @ hedi This YouTube channel is designed to support you as a creative, innovative leader. Whatever you need on your journey, let me know.

Rock on!

xxx, Hedi

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