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Why are remote meetings sooo draining? And what to do.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I just recently stumbled upon an article on with the psychiatrist and professor, Gianpiero Petriglieri. And he was asked the same thing.

There are multiple factors.

The obvious once: Screen meetings are a pure emotional drainer because of the lack of real interaction and the fact that we often look at our own face the whole time, checking, possibly judging how we come across. 

But there is an element that I find even more alarming. With all the years experiencing the same, training teams remotely, his words were pure joy and a massive relief. 

Here is what he says:

“We’re often doing calls one after the other. (..) Often we’re not ever getting up from a chair. We’re in physical conditions that tend to be pretty draining."

Preach. But he goes on, and this is the best part: 

"Just before this all happened, we were starting to learn how important it was to use a standing desk, to have walking meetings, to make sure that your body is not just stuck to a chair in front of a screen at work. And now we don’t just do it when we’re in front of a Word document or a spreadsheet. We stare at screens without moving for work and for a lot of our socializing. That affects our physical balance as well as our psychological balance.”

Honestly, when I read this, I heard the clouds move, and the sun flooding in (or something like that;) —what a true, true statement. The last decade we learned, then preached that movement is key to keep the body-mind engine running. And, to use our capacity best.

So let's get back to basics. 

Let's get real. 

And let's change this dilemma for ever.

With today's Virtual Team Building Activities – 3 WAYS to ENERGIZE and overcome Zoom Fatigue .... for BETTER PERFORMANCE and BALANCE.

Here is your video content.

3:20 - Activity Number 1: 1 to 6

4:08 - Activity Number 2: Countdown

6:02 - Activity Number 3: Power Pose Silly Walk

I hope this helps, please let me know in the comments. Please share it, so others can benefit and have an energetic week.

Yours Hedi

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