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3 learnings for 2022

It's a wrap 2022.🥂

This year was anything but boring. So many learnings.

Here come my TOP 3 for personal and business development that brought me closer to heaven on earth then ever before.


This year I gave myself the biggest gift. I made my inner peace the priority over other people's drama.

And I tell you, this was anything but easy. It had consequences. I feel, like I finally grew up.

Making highly uncomfortable choices to not go with the flow and patterns. Break them. Doubting. Trusting my heart. Making my peace the priority over and over again. Letting go. And finding that peace within. Finally.

LEARNING: It's all about priority. Self-love is an action. And it requires self-responsibility. And, as Pippi Longstocking said: "The storm is getting stronger. And so am I."

What do YOU choose?

What are YOUR learnings of 2022?

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas 🕊.


I've always followed my heart and passion. Yet, I unconsciously believed that would come with a price. Like: "I can't have it all AND have an easy life." My business has to be super hard so that I show myself over and over again that I'm worthy of it.

This belief nearly brought me to the edge this year. And: Not the first time. Just another time. One Sunday in April I realized how I created a boot camp for myself because truly I felt I don't deserve a magical life where things would just flow.

And I decided to change that belief.

I wrote it down, crossed it out, and write down a new belief: "I am welcoming ease into my life. My life flows because it's what I deserve."

Just how I teach my clients. And then I practiced that new belief religiously.

Within weeks everything shifted. I had an assistant, another long-term high-value client and people would recognize me on LinkedIn and via random places. Aka they came to me not me chasing them.

LEARNING: That's the power of belief. Choose wisely.

What beliefs did you change in 2022?


As an ex-control junkie, I tried to control my daily outcomes as much as how people perceived me. As nice.

This year I learned how much easier life gets when there is more authenticity, intention, trust, joy, and gratitude involved.

It's when that flow state truly happens. When it's not about the outcome so much as about the feeling while doing and most important being.

Yet, the funny thing is: THE OUTCOME becomes far greater than expected because synchronicities start to just happen. And you're just soooooo much more productive.

Synchronicities: Like a call from the publishing company asking me to write the book "Online Workshops". Content I've had asleep and at the "almost done stage" in my drawer for 3 years. TW they had no idea I had this content all ready. ;)

A beloved client, asking me to do a "small self-leadership series for times of change" at her company. Which developed into 15 sessions in 2 languages. Giving people weekly resilience boosts. A dream come true.

My colleague Adrian Hilbertz who I met via LinkedIn and some weeks later created our weekly podcast #transformationlunch with. Just like *snap*

And so so many more examples.

LEARNING: The clearer you are about what you want, the more you get direction. BUT: The more you let go of control, the more you flow towards incredible results.

What will you control less in 2023?

Wishing you a flowy and wonderful Christmas.

Thank you for being here, creating the life and business you adore, and thus: SHINING YOUR LIGHT INTO THIS WORLD.

Much love to you and yours,

Merry Christmas.


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