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Especially in times like these, this topic is super relevant!  

So after some requests (thank you!!), I will share my secret sauces with you. Sauces that pick me up whenever I feel overwhelmed, stuck, and don't know what to do.

So YOU can shift and take the inspired actions you are meant to take.

What I learned in the past from personal development gurus (and yes, imaginary friends;)) like Tony Robbins or Lisa Nichols: it's not about finding the next best tool helping me accomplish my goal; take the action I want to. However, that is helpful after the mindset shift helps me achieve what I want to achieve.

Cause check this quote by Henry Ford:

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're always right."

To create new actions that lead to new results, we need to BELIEVE!!! we can. We need to change our state and the story we are telling ourselves. Cause only if we believe: We can, and we will take action. If we're in doubt and fear, our actions will be doubtful, scared, and therefore the results are weak, or there are no results. 

Here are 3 concrete things you can do to change your state and story to take other actions and get results.


1. Get rid of Limiting self-talk 

Watch out for your limiting beliefs because they shape your actions. As I said in the intro things like "I can't", "I've never done this before"....

Oh man, I've been holding myself back for years just by reaffirming that same BS.

What's the best way to get rid of them?

Become aware. 

And whenever a sentence passes your mind, don't get angry, it's totally human, totally fine: Just write it down on a post-it or piece of paper. And that way, get it out of your system. And then immediately turn it around into something positive and inspiring on another post-it or piece of paper. 

I always use two different ones: One for the old and one for the new. And then: Toss away the old one. 

However, the new one gets posted into my journal, and I read it out, internalize it, feel it until it gets familiar. That won't happen immediately; you need to make the unfamiliar familiar, start to believe it, by reading it out loud and in your mind like a new refreshing mantra. And start acting on it! 

2. Accept, Let go and Experiment Forward

Often, we're trying so hard to push against the status quo, get the business results we want, the relationships we desire, and all this effort is not moving anywhere. Maybe you know this proverb: 

What resists persists.

I felt like that a lot trying to change and transform… Really exhausting.

So magic trick: Accept and let go. ;) 

I know you'll probably be like: "And hooooow?" 

Shift your focus. Not to what you don't want, but get clear on what you DO WANT. 

One way to do that: Write a 90 days letter!

Instead of focusing on what you don't want, write down what you want as if it has already happened, 90 days from now. Adress it to anything higher than yourself, maybe god, the universe, your higher self, and whatever you believe in. 

Be thankful for everything that is in place: Your new reality. Be as detailed as possible. Read it to yourself every day. And then you'll notice that this gives you a real pull effect where you start to be able to move forward. One step at a time, experimenting forward till you get closer and closer to your desired outcome. 

3. Power to Your Body- Get Energy and Change Your Biochemistry

The mind is a powerful instrument, so is your body. And that can help you!

If you walk around like me on stage when I wanted to hide years ago, your inspiration level is little to none. I used to reaffirm that way that I'm not a speaker or a motivator. Clever but not so clever. If you do physical activities (running, walking, jumping, swimming...), that's no secret, it changes your biochemistry and, therefore, your actions.

Your body is your engine to make things work and get into the state of yes I can.

So, my dear InnovationMom, I hope this was helpful!

Thanks so much for your time and energy, keep on creating!

XXX, Hedi 

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