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Become a 1% Changemaker

For most of my life, I was a lousy changemaker. I wanted a lot of things, having big visions, but then getting overwhelmed and drowned in the process. Or getting so deep into the problem analysis, circling round and round, that I never made it to the solution stage.

To me, real changemakers are heroes. They transform, innovate, in short: Make a positive difference in this world by thinking for themselves and taking action. They get the job done efficiently and in a structured way. I always looked up to them. I desperately wanted to become like them.

But how?

Well, in school and university, there was nothing useful I learned considering these helpful or, let's say, necessary survival skills. - No blame intended; growing up in 3D is just not that empowering;)

I had to look for it myself, and the universe gave me the greatest chance. I became one of the first Design-Thinkers in Germany, where I finally learned the art and process of problem analysis and solution creation. The skill that, I kid you not, keeps me going every single day.

Do you want to create change? I salute you! We need you now more than ever!

And do you want to become this 1% change-maker that just flips problems into solutions?

Then I've got something very special for you here.

The Change-Maker Toolbox Workshop

This special one time live event is for those who want to get real. It's a facilitated session where you not only learn ABOUT problem-solving. But where you DO problem-solving. Curious? Cool. This is what you'll learn and DO. ✅ You'll dive into a step-by-step approach on how to turn hurdles into opportunities. It's the innovation tool some call "Charette", others like me who think this is way too complicated simply say "Shopping Cart".

Why call it Shopping Cart?

Well, it's a bit like online shopping: Put everything in a basket and then choose the ones you want to work on, go to the cashier and katschinnng: Problem solved. :) No, in all honesty. It's the most straight-forward and most loved process to problem-solving by my clients.

A simple 3 step process and a must-have in any changemaker's toolbox. 👉 In the end, you will have an overview of your hurdles 👉 various solutions for them 👉 and action items to follow. The workshop is highly interactive, and the process is this: 🚀 Welcome and Energizer 🚀 Intro to Problem Solving and the tool "The Shopping Cart" 🚀 Action: Where you go through The Shopping Cart Step-By-Step 🚀 Q&A 🚀 Closing Ceremony * Note that this is Workshop Process in an outline and due to change according to the times and needs of the change-maker group

​** NOTE: THIS IS A LIVE EVENT. NO REPLAY AVAILABLE. It's where the magic happens when we come together and solve together.

What you need:

A little challenge if you have. Ask yourself: What is it you currently want to change about your life and circumstances? It can be your love relationship, your living situation, or your work-life balance... if you don't have anything and just want to learn a powerful change-maker tool, no prob. We'll give you an example so you can practice your tool.

When and where:

It's an online workshop via zoom.

We'll meet Saturday, 24th of July, 5:00 - 6:30 PM CEST

How to access it?

Click here and claim your ticket now. We only have a limited amount, so first come first serve.

Who is your host?

This workshop is facilitated by Hedi Schaefer, part of the first Design Thinking Generation and one of the most experienced innovation mentors in Germany. She has designed and run countless innovation workshops across the globe and hierarchy levels. From industries such as automotive, media, education and banks to highly committed individuals and change-makers. She has co-authored the book "Design Thinking" for the HAUFE publishing company and has created The Pony Farm Society, an online community for people who want to be and act on the change they wish to see in this world. Read more about her journey here. LIFE IS A CREATION. NOT A DISCOVERY. - NEALE DONALD WALSCH

Activate your superpowers today 🚀 and claim your ticket to become the 1% change-maker today.❤️

With so much love and admiration, and see you soon,

XXX, Hedi

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