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How to improve your resilience? 4 steps to train and master it.

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Welcome to your resilience training!

A super concise overview on what you can do to master and boost it any day.

You'll learn what resilience is made of and how to take four powerful steps to train it. Are you ready?

Then, let's begin.

Audio Version:

Video Version:

First: What is resilience?

Resilience has a Latin origin and means "the act of rebounding, jumping back, bouncing back." Like a bamboo, which is deeply rooted in the soil. And which has highly flexible stems, responding to any strong winds by simply bending over. And standing tall like nothing happened after the storm.

And it's more than that. It’s a way of approaching life and business. It's the voice in your head, that says even in the difficult situations:

"Hey, nothing can blow me over!"

"Where are the opportunities?"

Then: Step Number 1 - CREATE DIRECTION.

Ask yourself: What do I want?

Move away from all the chatter around you, go within.

Why is this important?

Creating direction is so super important because we always think we need motivation and willpower. But to tell you the truth, clarity, and deciding where you want to go ("Dude, where do I ! want to go") is much more powerful.

HOW to do that?

Create a vision.

"A vision is a dream with a deadline."

In other words, is a best-case picture of what you want to achieve?

Next: Step Number 2 - Get rid of stuff holding you back.

Ask yourself: What is draining my mental, spiritual, and physical well being?

Maybe projects not making sense at all?

What about people?

And what about your media consumption?

Why is this important?

To get closer to your vision and reach it you simply need energy. So now. Your order: Get your energy (back)!

HOW to do that?

Write everything down and select:

What can I get rid of? What can I say not to? What can I accept?

Next: Step Number 3 - Energy Booster

Ask yourself: What and who gives me energy?

Again, write it down and make a selection of what you will do more of in the future (maybe go for a run or yoga class?) And who you will spend more time with in the future.

Lastly: Step Number 4 - Take ACCCCTION

Why? Because:

A Vision without action is a daydream. 

Action without vision is a nightmare.

Japanese proverb

Your actions are key.

Look at everything you've written down so far and define your next 3 steps to move towards your vision. What will you do this week? And this months to move forward?

Tadaaa. Wonderful job dear creator!

Please do this training on a regular basis. Meaning do check ups: Am I still on track? Do I need to adapt with action steps? Or: Is this still my vision (also happens sometimes, and that's OK).

I hope you've enjoyed this little resilience snippet.

All my best to you, your rock,


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