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Design Thinking for INDIVIDUALS

I've got great news for you: Design Thinking works for you! Really, no matter if you're alone in your company or a solopreneur. 

"You need a team!"

"You need to spend 2456,99€ on fancy furniture!"

All not true.

If you want to work in an agile, innovative way, just do this:

1. Create a support group and meet every week virtually or live

2. Use the Design Thinking process and involve 2-5 people in Ideation. And if they happen to have more time in Synthesis. And if they have even moooore time in the Kick Off Phase

3. Create an activating and inspiring space with high furniture, simple canvases, and meaningful objects

4. Use productive time slots by creating an agenda and allocating time slots. All you want is stay focus!

Click on this video to watch more on my personal 4 simple tips and tricks to make Design Thinking work for you. Every single day!

Have an amazing rest of this week,

XXX, Hedi

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