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How to innovate your Work-Life Integration?

Redesign Your Work-Life Integration With The Power Of Design Thinking And Get Certified As Conscious Design Thinking Practitioner

I'm so excited about this announcement. And you are the first to know. After writing about innovation and consulting across the globe for over a decade. Finally, this is what is ready to go live and into your home this March:

Your opportunity to learn and get certified in Design Thinking (the innovation strategy and 21st century leadership skill No. 1), and innovate your work-life integration.

Are you interested? Then click here to get the program outline as this starts in March with a selected group of people and yes, half-price. It's remote and with weekly video sessions on-demand, so you can do the fun work whenever you wish.

But, wait, but what's in it:

✨ Clarity ✨

How does your perfect Work-Life Integration look like? What if you would look deep into your dreams, the way you want to balance work and life and dip way outside the box? And step by step, gain clarity through a highly structured 8-week process? So you can start creating and living your dream life?

✨ 21st Century Leadership Training ✨

This isn't just a bunch of tools tossed together here. You'll learn a strategic and repeatable strategy for innovation. And, if you complete your project, you'll get the Conscious Design Thinking Practitioner Certificate. Yeah!

✨ Community ✨

We just started The Change Maker Academy, and our mission is to provide people who want to actively shape their / this world with top Innovation and Transformation Experiences. The community is, of course, part of it, and you'll get access to like-minded shapers and regular Q&As with me.

Result ✨

We make sure you move away from this 8-module experience, knowing what needs to be done next to achieve your goals. Also, we have a top bonus: A catch-up live workshop one month after the program finishes with the entire group. Helping you stay accountable and on track.

Is it for you? 👍

It sure is, if you...

👉 want to take your fate into your own hands, and create a work-life integration that fits to your unique being.

👉 love creative tools, thinking, dreaming, and above all doing by experimenting forward.

👉 are curious and open to learning a state of the art innovation strategy: Design Thinking and apply it to your own life (this is not a "regular" Design Thinking challenge! It's the essence of 10+ years of innovation and transformation experience)

👉 are serious about innovating your work-life integration so that you live a life full of bliss and flow.

Wanna learn more about

"My Way! - The Ultimate Design Thinking Journey To Create Your Perfect Work-Life Integration"?

See ya! Hedi

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