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How to start your own dream business? Interview with Antonia Roggendorf

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Did you know that the number one regret of dying people is that they never made their dreams come true?

Isn't that craaazy?

Most business ideas are put asleep because of limiting self-talk and beliefs. And never ever come to light... ever...

We know.

Success is an inside job first. And it's about taking the first steps into the unknown.

BUT. What are THE steps to take?

Certainly, and even though many people may pretend that there is a formula that fits all, I realized it's the most individual process ever. We are all individuals with different skillsets and ambitions. Plus, building a business is a completely different undertaking if you're a mom or having a job on the side to keep you're income steady while making your dream come true(er).

Getting started is the biggest hurdle under the sun.

It's the first major make or breakpoint.

It's were doubt hits.

Where we often think, "no, I'm not ready yet."

or "it has to be perfect or entirely thought through."

BUT REALLY. Success doesn't come from perfection.

It comes from experimenting forward: From doing, learning, adapting. One step at a time, one growth at a time. And one hurdle at a time.

It certainly needs guts, and ...yeah, what else???

This week I asked a client of mine, a wonderful mom and courageous woman: Antonia Roggendorf, founder of "The Midwife Talk".

And she just went for it.

This isn't another story about outcome, her numbers, and client growth. This is how to get started. For real.

And, here are 10 things I learned.

1. Collaborate

Starting alone is frightening. Starting together, not so very much.

Antonia works together with her sister Bella. Both are living in different countries and have different expertise. Antonia is a midwife based in Germany, Bella, a nurse in the UK. Both enjoy working together, having a "serious playground" on the side that is their true passion.

2. Don't overthink it, just do it

"We decided on an afternoon. Let's go for it", Antonia says.

Overthinking is the killer. Of your energy and time. And you will gain nothing in return. Because only when you put yourself out there will you actually understand the market, the needs, and problems you can solve.

Start and adapt. But start today.

3. Start with 1 project at a time

The midwife talk is based on Instagram. Here the two founders can test what kind of topics are most pressing, how they need to be presented, and, best of all, build their audience and potential clients. The next project will be their website, where their programs will be launched. But all based on the groundwork and experience they gathered by engaging directly with their potential clients on Instagram.

4. Experiment forward

Antonia and Bella don't make big plans ahead. Whenever they have a chance to talk, they reflect on what went well and not so well the last week. Then they decide about the content of the upcoming week. It's no use to create concepts or plans. Go with the flow. With the flow of the needs of your clients.

5. Be dedicated, patient, and Create Impact.

This process would not work if the two were just doing it to make a quick bug.

They are in for the long run, and that's what every single post reflects: They care.

It's about helping the moms and not about them. It's what counts to build trust and relationships with followers and potential clients. People know. Always.

6. Act on your values and believes, fill in the gap

"We should do something" simply would have not been enough. It's more a question of: What can you do, what services are missing?

Antonias and Bella's case was simple: There is the common notion that whenever there is a problem with our baby, an irregularity, we panic and go to the hospital. Just to make sure. Or, we get biased information that can quickly lead to following an opinion and not what truly feels best for my kid and me.

The midwife talk fills in the gap between initial panic or questions to going to the hospital. Saving time and stress.

And they are dedicated to giving you information rather than opinions. To empower families to name the decision based on what feels right FOR THEM.

7. Share Responsibilities

Being a mom and working together with another can be more than just fruitful. It's also smart. Because their hub is Instagram, daily posts are important, and they share the responsibility to post evenly.

Antonia posts Monday to Wednesday, her sister Bella on Thursday and Friday. Weekends they leave open to whoever has the time.

8. Have a common vision and values you agree upon

When working together and alone, make sure you know why you do it and what you strive for. Antonia and Bella share the vision of an empowered, educated mom who is capable of serving the mom-wave easily and effortlessly. Because of their service. They totally align, and therefore every post, every communication is aligned and streamlined.

9. Trust one another and communicate only when really needed

Antonia and Bella share a total of 6 kids. That means time is a true value. Both keep their trust high and communication to a minimum. They speak once a week over the weekend, that's it.

Of course, communication is super crucial for long-term success. But to get started, you need to get into doing more than into speaking and thinking.

10. "Have FUN!"

This was Antonia's initial answer to why she does what she does. "It is FUN," she said.

Having fun is totally underestimated in our society. Fun equals productivity and motivation. Both needed when starting anything, really. It's not about the best idea. It's about perseverance and going the extra mile. Choose something that makes your heart sing, and you will be successful.


So, dearest InnovationMom. Now it's your turn!

What is your (secret dream)??

Remember this: It's about getting started and never ever stopping. Ever ;)

If you like check out Antonia's Instagram here.


Love and till soon,

you've got this !!

XXX, Hedi

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