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Magical Leadership - THE way to shape the decade

This weekend I had another of those moments. Sitting down and reflecting on my journey. The trends and hypes of the last decade, like digitization, creative leadership, and of course, innovation.

I thought about my purpose on how to empower people for the incredible potent time we move into. Bringing more love and light for a more harmonious and glorious time on earth to the people I serve.

And how to package it. So you and everyone feeling called to a new chapter in their lives can utilize it.


To make it short.

I've realized: It must and will be all about magic.


To me, it is the only answer to so many of the problems we are currently facing. It's cultivating the ability to step into your creator's shoes. Once and for all. No matter what.

Now, what the heck does Magical Leadership imply?

First of all: Attitude.

So many of us are still in waiting mode. Waiting for something on the outside to make things better. The circumstances, the job, the partner, the raise, the new house, the political change... you name it.

Magical Leadership unleashes the magician within you. 🚀

It's the opposite of waiting like a princess in a high tower. Waiting for her prince to rescue her on a white horse. Waiting has one of the lowest measurable energies. It's close to apathy and death.


It's you who awakens to your full potential, your limitless power, your purpose, values, visions, and truths.

And the ability to making the transformations yourself.

It's based on my strongest belief that all power to make the changes is within every one of us.

This shift makes you a leader per se. Leadership means you stir your life and don't get stirred by the outside storms and events. And you don#t stay stuck in whatever ivory tower. No matter how beautiful to the outside world.

Remember Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" singing:

"Take a look at yourself and then make that change. Nannannanannannana!"

Now that's what I'm talking about.🥳

Now we get to the three most important leadership qualities Magical Leadership has in store for you.

I believe they are all equally important. Ready?

1. Feminine Leadership Qualities

So let me ask you. What world would you rather live in?

A world where separation and aggression, ego and analytical thinking rules?

Or a world where harmony, collaboration, empathy, intuition, and strong visions for the future are key?

I have to be honest. I am longing for the latter.

I feel we have created a world that is no longer a home for my kids. Nor for myself. And so it's time to change that.

I don't think we have any time for blame games and more separation between men and women, races, colors, or cultures. However, you want to divide.

We are a human family. And we all have feminine qualities that we need to awaken to and use bravely, moving forward and into new a direction serving us as humans and the planet as a whole.

What can you do to shift?

- Use your intuition more.

Ask yourself: Where do I feel pressured by the outside to do something I (no longer) want to do?

Trust that your intuition is giving you the right answer. And know that fitting in is not the same as belonging.

Base your decisions on your intuition from now on. Break free, and you will increase your level of happiness by a thousand.

- Reach out and collaborate.

Where can you collaborate more and stop blaming, jealousy, judgment, and comparison altogether?

Collaboration is true empowerment. And it all starts with you.

- Create visions.

What visions do you have for the future? For yourself, your family, and your relationships? How do you want to live, and what do you want to do with whom? Start to create "perfect pictures," visions that make your heart sing. It's much easier for your brain and universe that works like a search engine to provide you with opportunities and solutions when you focus on what you want to move into rather than contemplating what you want to move out of. It gives you energy and focus and eventually the keys to success.

2. Creative Leadership Qualities

Creativity is the asset to make everything out of nothing. How my grandmother used to say: Sugar out of shit. (sorry for being so drastic! She#s the "old generation")

You find solutions to problems and things no longer serving you.

Creativity is the juice and essence that makes the magician in you transform.

It's long been mistaken for a power only a few artists and musicians can access. This could not be further from the truth.

Creativity is a human asset, and you've been using it all along.

In a nutshell: It's when you came up with ideas that catapulted you outside of your current situation. It's when you brainstormed by yourself and with others and saw: Wow, there is so much opportunity! And then you took the necessary actions.

- How you can foster your creative leadership qualities:

Change perspectives from problems to solutions.

Stop asking yourself: Why? Why me? Why now?

But instead: What now? What's next?

Where energy goes, energy flows, and you can invest it into your growth and new chapter as much as into staying stuck and in the status quo.

3. Wellness Leadership Qualities

You might think now: What woowoo is that?

Wellness Leadership, meaning being well and acting from a place of wellness, is, if we're honest, the base to all of your magical power.

Meaning you don't project anything onto situations, events, and people, and you resiliently move into the unknown.

You simply can not thrive and transform anything if you're not in balance and equipped with a strong inner compass. Projecting old issues on to new situations is happening if we have not learned how to deal with and release the old negative baggage.

Again, it all starts with yourself. You are the key. You are the magician.

How to?

Let's say you want to create a harmonious and meaningful life.

Then invest all you have in feeling harmonious and meaningful inside. And everything else will fall into place.

There is a thing called the Universal Law of Resonance. We are living in a magnetic field, and we attract and create the things resonating with us internally.

It's inside out.

Fortunately, the universal laws come more and more into focus and mainstream, and you can trust that you can create a wonderful reality when feeling and naturally acting out as such.

How else can you cultivate your wellness leadership qualities?:

- Get clear.

Know your purpose and values. Invest time into your inner compass and resilience to stay strong and focused in times of uncertainty and chaos.

- Cleanse and get well.

Get rid of your internal blocks, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs. It's nothing but an old shell that keeps you from the magician you truly are. Know that emotions are just energy in motion. And once they are out, they are gone.

Limiting beliefs can be turned around with pen and paper and wired into your supercomputer, the brain, by repetition.

Mental health is not only one of the top leadership skills. It's combined with your inner compass, the parameter for success in life. A magician never burns out. A magician makes sure he/she is and stays well at all times.

And now.

Now it's time to unlock that magician inside of you. There is no better time than now.

Need a helping magic stick?

Reach out, and we'll find ways on how to collaborate. For more info about all magical offers, go here or get in touch to get onto the list for the upcoming Magical Transformation Mastermind at

If I know one thing for sure, it's that fairy tales were written by humans. And that you can write and create your own magical life story. Any day.

When will you start?

Magical power to you and till soon,


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