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Feedback is a gift. This exercise shows you why!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Have you ever felt like feedback is a waste of time? All over the place and resulting in a headache, bad mood, and tons of question marks?

I can totally relate.

Whenever somebody would say that magical word, I would either have this look on my face 🙄 or would "get some cigarettes ". I had no clue how much fun this could actually be. And how valuable.

So why not prove those people right who claim: Feedback is a gift?

The Feedback Matrix is one, for sure. Cause it helps you to structure and document feedback - your personal feedback, team feedback, or the feedback on whatever you want to bring to market: your new app or a dog walking service, a fully disposable diaper line, or breath coaching service. 

Click here, to access the innovation session directly or scroll down for some snappy take aways.

The Feedback Matrix consists of 4 columns.

Column 1: LIKE - 2:04 min

Fill in all the positive things you hear. 

Everything people love about your dog walking service. 

The highlights of your team process: When Jenna brewed her famous beer for all of you. When you iterated your executive training until 2 am to meet your trainees' needs. 

Or on a personal level: I like that whenever I have a question, you make an effort to listen and help.

Always be specific with giving feedback. 

And if you're receiving feedback, ask for specification. There is nothing worse than to have more question marks in your head than before. Then it does not have any purpose.

Column 2: DISLIKE - 3:21 min

Here you fill in all that was perceived negatively. For example:

"I really didn't like how you cut me off the other day during our PO meeting."

Or "it doesn't make sense to me that you only walk the dogs Monday to Wednesday."

In a nut shell: Negative feedback, which equals your opportunity to grow. 

Column 3: QUESTIONS - 4:05 min

And here, you add all questions that your feedback giver has. Like:

"Could you offer your coaching qualities to our newbies?"

Or "How long will you be able to work from home when leading a team of 10 people?"

These kinds of questions are great spring boards for inspiration. Ask: What would YOU (dear feedback giver) like to have?

And with this, we come to our last column:

Column 4: IDEAS - 4:27 min

This is the place where people give you their gift:

Their imagination, wishes, and dreams.

By answering the questions themselves, they eliminate your questions marks and start to co-create.

Taddaaaa, that's you feedback matrix. I hope this helps you to

"Eat feedback for breakfast like a true champion."

(based on Ken Blanchard)

Have great week and keep on creating and innovating,

xxx Hedi

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