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Self Love Affirmations

Being in #love with oneself can be the hardest and greatest lesson. We learned that #selflove is selfish and that #selfcare equals going to a SPA once a year.

The truth is, if we don't learn to love ourselves, have daily nuroushing #selftalk that lifts us up (instead of putting us down) we will have a hard time loving anything or anybody for real. Cause it all starts within.❤️

These #affirmations is to remind all of us that it's time to indulge in love for ourselves and thus for everything around us. Repeat it as often as you like and see what shadows come up and are not in alignment to this new belief. Clear that and get closer and closer into your heart.

Have a beautiful new week. Have a magical August of LOVE ❤️

Your SelfLoveCoach Hedi

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