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What the buzzzzz? 5 life- and business saving 21st-century buzzwords explained

21st-century "buzzword-literacy" can save your conversations. BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY, can boost your power in creating projects, products, your life and businesses that matter in this day and age.

The World Economic Forum has released what they consider "super skills" for this century: (complex) problem solving, ideation, creativity, resilience, leadership, design, and innovation.

But what do they mean?

And how can you put them into practice?

This overview of 5 buzzwords will bring clarity and power to your life on earth.

Let's not waste another second. Let's get started.

1. What is Creative Leadership?

"Leaders are creators. They bring their visions to fruition through the creative process."

- Phil Pringle

In this session you'll get answers to your questions: What is Creative Leadership and leadership in general?

What are the qualities of a creative leader?

Why is creative leadership important?

And how do you become a creative leader?

Click below.

2. What is Design Thinking?

"Where you innovate, how you innovate and what you innovate are design problems."

- Tim Brown

This session is a complete overview of the mindset that drives the world's most successful companies like Coca Cola, Apple, IBM, and many others listed on the S&P 500.

3. What is Innovation?

According to recent studies the lack of innovation is the cause for companies to go out of business in less then a decade. (see Forbes)

But the thing is we talk about innovation over and over again, but what is that actually? And why is it all about people?

Here's your session full of answers.

4. What is Change vs. Transformation?

In times of change, things can get super confusing and complex.

Especially when it comes to communicating and showing our people the way, we need to be crystal clear on what we mean. And first of all, know what we really mean.

Find out about change and transformation and how these are not the same thing.

5. What is Resilience?

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."

- Lao Tzu

We all have to deal with change and disruption. The difference is how we react to it and what state we're in after that piece of change is history.

Learn how to boost your resilience in easy steps right here.

I hope these deep dives are a boost for your upcoming months and weeks of creating and innovating. Know, you are not alone in this. Transformation is our common theme worldwide. It's a matter of how we approach and deal with it.

And I believe we can create a most magical world.

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Rock on and till very soon,

XXX, Hedi

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