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  • Hedi

BE-ness or BUSY-ness? You decide!

This week I understood once more the beauty of slow creation. My daughter was at home and instead of stressing out, this time I made a #conscious choice: Hedi, GO WITH THE FLOW.

Because after all I created my dream business not for the sake of BUSY-NESS.

BUT for the sake of BE-NESS.

Being ME and lighting up from that power-zone. It worked, I'm impressed. Less time = more done. You may copy now 🥰

And: Did you know that we're productive only 3-4 hours a day?! Crazy, I know.


👉 What is your business-motto?

👉 And what do you do when nothing goes the way it was planned?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of BE-Ness.

❤️ Till next week, when I got all the control back 😂😂😂 - OOOHHM...🧘‍♀️

Hedi 🦋

#consciousness #consciousleadership #consciousleadership #consciousliving #consciousbusiness #gowiththeflow #simplybetter #business #beauty #power #powerofpositivity #powerofnow

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