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Demystifying Inner Child Healing: Busting Common Misunderstandings for Emotional Liberation

9 years ago, while in the midst of my Yoga teacher training, a fellow student asked me if I was doing the Inner Child Healing Work.

Annoyed, I said: "No."

And she lost it.

"Why was I so ignorant?"

"Was I so scared?"... the girl became personal.

As you can imagine that topic became my red flag. Until I experienced a healing years later, without knowing that it was some kind of inner child healing, and that was actually and in all honesty: extremely freeing.

Today I know: Nobody needs to do anything. And should not do anything. Ever. Healing is personal, a process and entirely on your own pace.

But the common misunderstandings about inner child healing that I carried around at the time are also blocking the potential of using it to your advantage. And set you free.

Common Misunderstandings:

1st. The Dismissal of Childhood Experiences:

Some underestimate the impact of childhood experiences on their adult lives, believing they should simply "get over" past hurts.

The Inner Child holds the memories, emotions, and beliefs formed during our very early years, shaping our adult experiences and relationships.

And the Inner Child Healing helps lift those blocks.


2nd. Fear of Revisiting Painful Memories:

Many are hesitant to delve into their past out of fear of reawakening painful memories or emotions. To my experience, inner child healing meditation is the most gentle way to approach these memories with care and support, allowing for resolution.

It is through gentle exploration and providing yourself with what you needed at the time that you'll discover newfound freedom and liberation from past hurts.

Always searching for the best way to support your (self)healing process, I've put out something powerful that started 9 years ago on the wrong foot and is now a magical tool for deep healing: The Inner Child Healing Meditation! A one of a kind 60 min. journey into identifying and clearing old blocks. If you feel called, the link is below and for now it's 50%. Don't miss this chance. Your time to shine is now :) Click here.

Much love and appreciation,


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