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Energy vampires can drain your life force. Protect yourself!

Updated: May 17, 2022

What to do about Energy Vampires? How do I "defend" myself?

This is a question I get veeeery often. When you're beginning to wake up to your power, and you raise your consciousness, you no longer want to or can stay within negativity, drama, and draining vampire energy. It gets more and more difficult to take part in this show. Energy vampires are people who feel like they have sucked the life force out of you when you spend time with them. It's when you feel drained after seeing, talking to, or even thinking about them.

But how do you break free?

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you protect yourself and be FREE.

1. Check your beliefs.

When we look at the so often stated question, how to "defend" myself? Is the question: Do you believe life and relationships are a struggle and that it's a battle? Do you believe life has to be hard and that you are weaker than the vampire?

Ask yourself with every limiting belief you can catch: Is this really true? Is the vampire feeding off of me or the other way around? If the other way around: You know that light is stronger than darkness from now onwards. Low energy needs high vibes to be nurtured. Not the other way around.

So once you've found your belief, write it down and rewrite it so that it becomes a sentence that empowers and not disempowers you!

Read it out loud. Affirm it and breathe it in. Embody! Repeat 21 days. Like these:

"I am invincible,"

"I am the strongest."

"My high energy has the power to move mountains. And so it is."

2. Know you're on the right track.

As human beings, we don't find it very uncomfortable when someone changes their energy and thus gets unavailable to us. Think of all of us tuning on radio waves. You can only reach a certain wave if you tune into it. So the vampire might feel subconsciously you're leaving his/her zone, and then he / she does something to lower your frequency, going: "Stay here! Stay with me!" So, the fact that those around you are now a little bit off the hook is a good indicator that you're on the right track. Keep going my dear

3. Focus on high!

Now comes the most important thing. If you continuously do your energy work, like affirmation and embodiment, and letting go of the negative beliefs and emotions that are not in alignment with them any longer, you're really no longer available to the negative waves. And it doesn't bother you at all. You're in a new life. Feels sometimes like garden of eden.

It happens that people leave your life (you're surprised that they don't call you anymore, for example)(I doubt that with your partner), or you don't feel like low-vibrating stuff anymore, arguments, etc., and you don't engage in it. And every time you do, something changes because you cannot create conflict with someone who is not energetically available.

"Imagine it's wartime and everybody stays at home" - Motto.

How to start?

4. Make a decision.

Initially, you start this process by making a decision for yourself. The decision to create a high vibe life of love and flow. And then you train your system, uplevel your energy, and state of being every day with "hygiene rituals" like brushing your teeth. You become unf**ckwithable.

5. And stop people-pleasing.

Instead, say yes to yourself and the peaceful and joyful life you want to lead! You're so precious, and it's your birthright to feel great, be yourself and happy. And by the way: if you are, you'll radiate this energy out to others, and the people around you will profit big time.

Because energy is contagious.

All my love and light,

yours Hedi

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